FreeHEP - Library of High Energy Physics Software

In spite of the large number of talented people writing and using software in High Energy Physics, much of this work is hampered simply by lack of information or by lack of easy access to software packages. This feeling was confirmed by our experience in compiling a simple list of existing packages in use in the field. Only a fraction of this software is generally known about. Clearly we need a better mechanism than word of mouth to find out about useful software. The same problem exists with respect to commercial software where there is a need to find out what exists and to share experiences. To help solve this problem, we have set up an organization which will perform the following services for the HEP community: FreeHEP is based on the principle that ALL software which might be useful to the HEP community should be included. This includes software from other fields and commercial software packages. Commercial software will appear in the form of instructions for getting software from a company and a news group to share experiences.

Using WWW you can find out more about FreeHEP or access information about freehep software in a variety of ways. If you know the name of the package you are interested in then type the name of the package as a keyword now. Otherwise you can search by subject area, by browsing an alphabetical list of all packages or by using the full power of the Spires database system to access the information that you are interested in.

The WWW interface to FreeHEP is in an initial testing period at the current time. Please report any problems or inaccuracies that you encounter when using WWW to access FreeHEP