The first HEPLIB user's meeting was held at the SSC Laboratory, Dallas, Texas, September 19-20, 1991. Fifty-four scientists from thirty-one High Energy Physics research institutes and universities met for two full days to discuss the support and environments of High Energy Physics computing and to form and define the scope of a HEPLIB Users Group.

Initial Objectives

There was a general consensus for the following objectives:

A steering committee was formed to plan subgroups, initiate exchange and communication, plan logistics, arrange for meetings, begin planning for a HEPLIB Newsletter, and look into questions of manpower and funding for the HEPLIB Users Group.


The current status of HEPLIB is summarized in three working documents:
Note 92-02
Summary - The HEPLIB'92/KEK International Users Meeting
Note 92-03
H E P L I B - Consensus and Objectives
Note 92-04
Standards for Certified Software in HEPLIB


Initially, the following addresses may be used to contact the HEPLIB User Group :

Miguel Marquina Herald Johnstad CN Division SSC Laboratory MS-2001 CERN 2550 Beckleyemeade Avenue CH-1211 Geneve 23 Dallas, Texas 75237 Switzerland U.S.A. Tel (022) 767-4912 Tel (214) 708-6000 Fax (022) 767-7155 Tel (214) 708-0006 Marquina@CERNVM Johnstad@SSCVX1.SSC.GOV