SLAC World Wide Web Information

The SLAC WorldWideWeb (WWW) service provides access to a wide range of information from a variety of sources both at SLAC and elsewhere. Information is provided in the form of hypertext which allows users to follow pointers from one item to other related items, and thus to access the information they need in a simple intuitive manner. Information is accessed using the TCP/IP network and can actually reside anywhere in the world, although the user does not need to know where the information comes from.

A number of different programs (called browsers) are available to access WWW information for different platforms including VM, VMS, Unix and NeXT.

SLAC information

Information is available on SLAC people (BINLIST), HEP people (HEPNAMES), HEP publications, PPF, BOOKS, as well as many other relevant topics.
Abstracts and papers from bulletin-boards, posted yesterday, in the last seven days, a week before that, anytime.
Seminars at SLAC and nearby, today, tomorrow, this week, next week, anytime.
Information specific to SLAC experiments.
Information on software available from HepLib.
General SLAC Computing
Introduction to Computing at SLAC
SLAC Computing Services Information.
VMS Help
Help information from SLACVX.

Other Information

See also HEP information( CERN, DESY etc.), academic information, APS News.
17 Aug 1993