Submitting new software to FreeHEP

We are always looking for new software packages to add to the FreeHEP database. The only requirement for new items is that they be generally useful to the High Energy Physics community. If you have, or know of, any software that you think meets this criterium please let us know. In the first instance you should contact the editor for the subject area in which you think the package belongs. If you are unsure what area is appropriate feel free to contact the managing editor for guidance, or just post a question to the hepnet.freehep discussion group.

All software packages in FreeHEP are described by a .dbase file which resides on the FreeHEP anonymous FTP machine. A good way to submit new software is to create a .dbase file for the package and send it to the relevant editor. Once a new .dbase file is installed on the FreeHEP machine the spires and WWW databases will be automatically updated (after about a day).

If you would like to place source code or documentation on the FreeHEP machine to make it available by anonymous FTP to others then you should contact the FreeHEP managing editor directly.

New !! WWW based editing of .dbase files

Coming soon, the ability for authorized package maintainers to create and update their dbase files using WWW. See this demonstration of how this will work.

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