Introduction to AFS

SLAC 19 Nov 1993

This page is under construction.

Here's some useful information on the AFS file system, touted as a replacement for NFS. SLAC has a test AFS up now.

The name on the left is a name the information is known by.

Stanford AFS Gopher
Some information is particularly tailored to the Stanford University Campus, e.g., stanford/afsfaq compiled by Larry Schwimmer.
The general AFS FAQ compiled by Paul Blackburn. Includes comparisons between NFS and AFS.
The Kerberos FAQ. Includes information on the MIT and Transarc variants.
AFS Repository
Anonymous FTP repository with information on the AFS user group, tools, and programming interfaces.
"AFS and the Distributed File Server System at the SSC," J. Hilgart, M. Selover, and R. Mitterer, HEPiX SLAC (October 27-29, 1993), with figure.
You may also find the alt.filesystems.afs newsgroup interesting.

This page grew out of discussions with Mark Barnett and Larry Schwimmer.