Computing Futures at SLAC

SLAC 15 Dec 1993

This page is under construction.

Following are documents on computing "futures" related to SLAC. The first section treats files at SLAC; the second, sources of useful information elsewhere.

As we move into the future, new files will appear here and old ones, disappear.

Files at SLAC

The name on the left is the file name at SLAC, which is in the /usr/local/doc subdirectory indicated by the section title, e.g., futures. This page will change as we continue reorganizing /usr/local/doc space. Some file names will change.


Reports from and presentations to the SLAC Computer Advisory Committee (SCAC), whose charter is to advise on SLAC's near and medium-term computing needs:

"Report of the SLAC Computer Advisory Committee" (December, 1993).
"Plans for Running Down VM," Les Cottrell (October 11, 1993).
"Minimum Support Levels for VMS," Charles Granieri (October, 1993).
"SLAC Network Strategy," Les Cottrell (October 8, 1993).
"Following Computer Trends," Les Cottrell (October, 1993).
"Report of the SLAC Computer Advisory Committee" (August, 1993).

You may also find the following newsgroups with commentary on the reports interesting: slac.scac.dec93 and slac.scac.aug93.

Other reports:
"Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Site Longe-Range Plan: Fiscal Years 1995 through 1999," Section 1 (February, 1993). Contains information about last year's achievements as well as plans for the future. Section 2 is only available in hardcopy. (Contact Ilse Vinson.)
"Future Computing at SLAC," The Ad Hoc Committee on Future Computing at SLAC (27 March 1992).

Information Sources Elsewhere

Here're some other sources of useful information. The name on the left is a name the information is known by.

Documents on the US government's National Information Infrastructure, including a Library of Congress conference on electronic information delivery (July 14, 1993).