Information Grab Bag

SLAC 22 Dec 1993

Here's a random selection of information various folks at SLAC have found interesting. Links may migrate from this page to others as more appropriate locations are found, the links become obsolete, or they are superceded by more interesting ones.

A composite image from satellite photos of our home. For more pictures, see the SLAC repository.
WWW electronic exposition, including the Honolulu Community College
Campus-wide, hypermedia information service.
NASA Events
Daily press releases from NASA. See also the NASA Ames FTP archives.
NSF Activities
Documents from the NSF's Science and Technology Information System (STIS). Includes submission information for proposals.
SSC Surroundings
Contour and road map of the Superconducting Super Collider and its surroundings.
US documents
Documents on which the United States is based, e.g., the Constitution.
Weather Maps
Satellite photos, frontal maps...etc.
Webster's Dictionary
Including phonetic match, stem, and thesaurus.

Libraries and Museums

Here's online access to a few interesting libraries and museums:
The Bodleian Library's Gopher.
The Library of Congress's Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library (MARVEL).
Smithsonian Pictures, from air and space through zoology.


Some vendors are providing information resources to the worldnet, e.g.:

DEC Information Server
WWW server with extensive DEC information, newsgroups and mailing lists, archives and public domain software, and access to Alpha AXP demo systems.
IBM Kiosk for Education (IKE)
Gopher developed at the University of Washington with IBM information, application software, and a bulletin board for educators. Follow-on to ISAAC.
O'Reilly & Associates (ORA)
Including a Gopher with product and general UNIX information, along with Known Smileys. See also the Global Network Navigator (GNN), an information center with several electronic publications and a user's forum. N.B.: ORA's Terms and Conditions of Use require subscription to GNN, a heretofore uncustomary restriction to information access on the Internet.
PTR Prentice Hall
Gopher server for PTR Prentice Hall's Online Catalogs, containing information about the publisher's Networking and Communications and Object-Oriented titles, with more UNIX topics in the works. Order forms and participating bookstores are also included.
Sun Server
Sun Microsystems' and the University of North Carolina (UNC)'s Gopher. Includes access to the SunSITE archives and Sunergy documents on computing usage and futures associated with Sunergy Satellite Broadcasts and Newsletters. See also other material from the UNC multimedia information service like the laUNChpad Internet Service Mediator.

This page was originally inspired by ones written by Tony Johnson and Bebo White. Links from them still find their way into this page, as do links from Les Cottrell, Greg Mushial, Pat Clancey, and Dr. Chaos, among others.