WorldWideWeb SLAC Home Page

SLAC 18 Mar 1994

Use the WorldWideWeb (WWW) service to gain access to a wide range of information at SLAC and elsewhere around the globe. Emphasized text like this is a hypertext link.

You may view WWW information through GUI or line-mode browsers. At least most SLAC pages have been tested on the MidasWWW X Window System browser. Note that over time links may move around on a page, migrate to others, or be removed entirely, due to the dynamic nature of the Web.

SLAC Information

People and organizations:
people at SLAC, particle physics people and institutions.
SPIRES-HEP, Current PPF-list, Books, SLACspeak glossary, other databases.
Physics Preprint Bulletin Boards (full-text postscript) :
today, yesterday, last seven days, week before that, let me search.
today, tomorrow, this week, next week, anytime, let me search.
this month, next month, next summer, next year, all future, let me search.
APS What's New, SLAC Netnews, SSC News.

SLAC Physics Program

BaBar, BES, mQ, SLD, other.
Accelerator operations logs:
yesterday, today, this week, anytime.

SLAC Computing

General computing:
Amiga, Macintosh, PC, UNIX, VM HELP, VMS Help;
FreeHEP, Futures, Local Area Networking, Network Reference, Security, SLACwide, other.
Group computing:
SCS, other.
Wide Area Networks:
BARRNet, BITNET, ESnet, HEPnet, Internet, SuperJANET, other.

Other SLAC Information Resources

Annals, Laboratory facilities, Stores catalog, Telephone directory reference section, other.

Other Useful Information

Other institutions:
Brown, CERN, DESY, Fermilab, LANL, LBL, SSC, more HEP institutions;
Stanford University (Campus and the Medical Center);
AIP (FYI and Physics News Updates), NASA, NCAR, National MetaCenter for Computational Science and Engineering, other.
Other experiments:
ALEPH, DELPHI, L3, OPAL; CLEO; H1, ZEUS; D0, CDF; more HEP experiments.
Other information sources:
academic fields (the WWW Virtual Library), ESnet X.500 white pages, GopherSpace, grab-bag, hacker's jargon, LISTSERV lists, Netnews FAQs, other.


WWW at SLAC is supported by the SLAC WWWizards, to whom you should address questions, comments, complaints, etc. See What's New for updates to SLAC's WWW pages or Major Changes for more system-related modifications. You may also find the Old SLAC Home Page or the Test SLAC Home Page useful.

The WWW Project was initiated at CERN, from which support is still coordinated. WWW contributors currently come from diverse parts of the world. For more information see WWW bibliography.

This page is intended for people experienced with WWW at SLAC ("refreshers").

This version was created by Joan Winters and evolved from part of the original SLAC Home Page, created by Tony Johnson and updated by various SLAC WWWizards.