SLAC Hot Topics, Now and Then

SLAC 6 Sep 1994

This panel is under construction.

Periodically, there's a topic of immediate interest to a sufficient number of people at SLAC that it becomes, for a short while, the "SLAC Hot Topic" and appears as a link in the introductory part of the SLAC Home Page. This page is a repository for the current hot topic(s) and previous ones still relevant.

Current Hot Topic

There is no current SLAC Hot Topic.

Previous Hot Topics

B-Factory Review
DOE Management Systems Review of the PEP-II and BaBar and related SLAC, LBL, and LLNL management systems (August, 1994).
SLAC Summer Institute
The "22nd Annual SLAC Summer Institute on Particle Physics: Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology," along with a Computer Fair. (August, 1994).
Drell Report
"Executive Summary: Conclusions and Recommendations" for the future of particle physics in the United States, along with related HEPAP correspondence (June, 1994).

The SLAC "Hot Topic" grew out of discussions among SLAC WWW wizards and Lilian DePorcel.