Experiments Online: Home Pages of HEP Experiments

This document directs you to home pages of various high-energy physics experiments. If we are missing the home page of your experiment, please send a note to: expbase@slac.stanford.edu . Last update: 30 September 1994.
Beijing experiment BEPC-BES. Information provided by SLAC, and Caltech collaborators.
AGS experiments, BNL-787, and BNL-852, and BNL-864 (prepared by WSU participants), and BNL-866 (prepared by MIT participants), and BNL-877 (prepared by WSU participants), and BNL-889 (a test page prepared by Penn U. participants), and BNL-890, and BNL-896 (page prepared by LBL participants).
Proposed RHIC experiments, BNL-RHIC-PHENIX, and BNL-RHIC-STAR, and BNL-RHIC-BRAHMS, and BNL-RHIC-PHOBOS (see also the PHOBOS page from MIT).
Hall B collaboration CLAS.
LEP experiments, CERN-LEP-ALEPH, and CERN-LEP-DELPHI (see also the DELPHI pages from Amsterdam, and Lyon), and CERN-LEP-L3 (see also the L3 Gopher page, and the L3 pages from Naples, and Rome), and CERN-LEP-OPAL (See also the OPAL information from Freiburg, and Victoria U.).
LEAR experiment, PS-195 [CPLEAR].
SPS experiments, CERN-NA-035, and CERN-NA-038 (prepared by Lyon participants), and CERN-NA-044, and CERN-NA-047 [SMC] (see also the SMC page from Freiburg), and CERN-NA-048 [CP-violation], and CERN-NA-049, and CERN-NA-050 (prepared by Lyon participants), and CERN-NA-051 (prepared by Lyon participants), and CERN-WA-089 [Hyperon Beam], and CERN-WA-095 [CHORUS] (see also the CHORUS page from Amsterdam), and CERN-WA-096 [NOMAD].
R&D projects, CERN-RD-11 [EAST], and CERN-RD-13, and CERN-RD-24, and CERN-RD-27, and CERN-RD-41 [MOOSE].
Proposed LHC experiments, CERN-LHC-ALICE [A Large Ion Collider Experiment], and CERN-LHC-ATLAS [A Toroidal LHC Apparatus] (see also the ATLAS pages from Amsterdam, Freiburg, Marseille, Prague, and RAL, and ATLAS-Japan), and CERN-LHC-CMS [Compact Muon Solenoid] (see also the US CMS page, and the CMS page from Lyon), and CERN-LHC-GAJET [Internal Gas Jet Target].
CESR experiment CESR-CLEO-II.
Darmstadt, GSI
SIS/ESR collaborations ALADiN, and FOPI, and FRS, and HADES, and KaoS, and TAPS.
HERA experiments, DESY-HERA-H1 (see also the H1 pages from Aachen, and Heidelberg), and DESY-HERA-ZEUS (see also the ZEUS page from Amsterdam), and DESY-HERA-HERMES (see also the HERMES page from Amsterdam), and DESY-HERA-B [proposed CP violation experiment].
DORIS experiment, DESY-DORIS-ARGUS (test page prepared by Dortmund participants).
Collider experiments, FNAL-740 [D0], and FNAL-741 [CDF].
Tevatron experiments, FNAL-665 (prepared by Freiburg participants; see also the US clone from Fermilab), and FNAL-760, and FNAL-781, and FNAL-789 (prepared by Los Alamos participants), and FNAL-815, and FNAL-831, and FNAL-835, and FNAL-866 (prepared by Los Alamos participants).
TRISTAN experiment, KEK-TE-001 [VENUS].
Proposed KEK-B-FACTORY experiment, KEK-BF-BELLE.
PSI, Villigen:
Ring Cyclotron experiment, PSI-R-89-01 [Pion Beta Decay].
Experiment SATURNE-225 (prepared by Argonne participants).
SLC experiments, SLAC-SLC-6, [MARK-II], and SLAC-SLC-SLD.
'Series E' experiments, SLAC-E-140X, and SLAC-E-142, and SLAC-E-143, and SLAC-E-144, and SLAC-E-146, and SLAC-E-154, and SLAC-E-155.
'Series NE' experiments, SLAC-NE-11, and SLAC-NE-17, and SLAC-NE-18.
PEP-II (proposed B-factory) BaBar collaboration.
SLAC's 'small' experiment mQ.
GEM and SDC -- Rest in peace (1993)
MACRO experiment (prepared by Texas A and M and Caltech participants), and various GRAN SASSO experiments [GALLEX, LVD, MACRO, and others], and SOUDAN-2 [Tower-Soudan Iron Mine, Minnesota, USA], and SUDBURY [Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO)], and SUPER-KAMIOKANDE [Proposed extension of Kamiokande].
Experiment DUMAND [Deep Undersea Muon and Neutrino Detector].

You may also wish to consult the EXPERIMENTS database, maintained by the Berkeley Particle Data Group and SLAC Library. The database was updated in June 94. Browse the database from the source, SLAC(SPIRES), or check a copy at Durham(HEPDATA). A printed summary of current and recent experiments in particle physics, Current Experiments in Elementary Particle Physics (LBL-91 Report, 1994 Edition) will be available September 94. A copy can be obtained free of charge from:

Particle Data Group, MS 50-308, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA.

(Requests from Europe should go to: CERN, Scientific Information Service, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland)

H. Galic , SLAC