Introduction to PCs at SLAC

SLAC 21 Oct 1994

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PC users at SLAC share information, develop standards, and provide mutual support via the PC Support Group (PCSG). This has scheduled meetings the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 1:30 p.m. in the Computer Group Building, Conference Room B. Announcements, questions, and other information are also communicated via the SLAC newsgroup,

Then too, you may rummage about an OS/2 SLAC anonymous FTP server* for PC documentation, programs, and drivers, along with general interest files like images and government documents.

If you are planning to buy a PC, check out the recommended standard configuration. Terms used there are defined in the PCSG glossary. Or call Purchasing.

The public PC in the Lobby of the Computer Group Building contains locally a written tutorial. See the "Guide to Using OS/2 at SLAC" in HELP Information:SLAC.INF on the Desktop.

Don't forget to backup your disks. Use WDSF to backup your hard disk for now. Migration to ADSM, IBM's follow-on to WDSF, is planned in the next few months.

You may also find the general SLACwide computing introduction of interest.

Information Sources Elsewhere

To find out what's happening with the popular WWW GUI browser for PCs, NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows, check its home page. That contains material on viewers and other needed code, too.

Here're some other sources of useful information. The name on the left is a name the FAQ is known by.

"OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions List: User's Edition (U.S. English)", which treats the fundamentals of hardware, software, and maintenance, along with aspects of current releases like OS/2 for Windows. Includes a list of anonymous FTP sites for OS/2 software. See also the related newsgroups, comp.os.os2.misc and comp.os.os2.apps.
"NFS & TCP/IP FAQ for PCs and Macs". Includes information on products to support the X Window System and comparisons of TCP/IP implementations. See also the related newsgroups, comp.protocols.nfs and comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc.
"The 16550A UART & TurboCom Drivers" FAQ on improving the performance of network connections for Windows 3.0 (or later) or DOS. See also the related newsgroups, comp.dcom.modems and
"Frequently Asked Questions of the InterNet newsgroups comp.archives.msdos.announceand comp.archives.msdos.d", which treat MS-DOS PD, shareware, and other archived material.
FAQ that focuses on language products and programming the hardware for MS-DOS systems. See also the related newsgroup, comp.os.msdos.programmer.

You may also find the following sources useful: IBM Almaden Research Center.


PCs at SLAC are supported by PC Support Coordinators and the SCS PC Workstation Support staff.

* Only the MidasWWW browser suppports access to non-UNIX FTP servers like this.

Cathie; Winters