SLAC Library News

SLAC Last update: 30 Sep 1994
This is the Web version of the SLAC Library News. It replaces the printed copy. If you have strong feelings about this new method of distribution, please contact Robert Gex (phone: x4388, or email: To obtain items described in the lists of new books or preprints, visit the library during working hours (weekdays, 8am - 5pm), or send a note to

The following topics are covered by the Web version of the Library News:

Library Hot Topic:
Space reserved for hot Library-related topics (currently empty).
New Books:
Books received by the SLAC Library in the last three weeks.
New High-Energy Physics Preprints (PPF):
List of the new high-energy physics preprints currently displayed in the Library. See also the last week's list.
New SLAC preprints and reports:
List of the most recent preprints and reports by SLAC authors. Covers last three months.
Other New Preprints and Reports:
List of new technical reports and physics papers not included in the PPF listings. Covers last two weeks.
Forthcoming conferences:
The list covers particle physics related conferences scheduled in the next three months.
See also the lists of this month, next month, next summer, next year conferences.

See also the HEP-preprints database, the SPIRES home page, or go to the SLAC home page.