A compendium of news related to SLAC-SPIRES databases. Maintained by H. Galic

Sep 30, 94
New index in the HEP database: JOURNAL. This index helps you to restrict a search to articles published in a given journal. Works both via QSPIRES and on the Web. Use popular variations of journal names, for example, Physical Review, or Phys. Rev., or PR, etc. To see how this works, find for example papers by the SLD Collaboration published in the Physical Review Letters. Use indexes CN (for collaboration name) and J (allowed abbreviation for JOURNAL), and make the search:


Sep 30, 94
New 'button' in the HEP database via Web: "Display References". Lists of references from all HEP-related preprints received by the SLAC Library are stored in the HEP database (they serve as a source for the citation search). You can now see references from an article by selecting the Display_References pointer in the standard HEP output on the Web. To see how this works, find for example the HEP record of the paper published in the Class.Quant.Grav.11: 621-648, 1994,


Then select the pointer to the reference list.

Sep 30, 94
HEP records corresponding to articles published in Classical and Quantum Gravity since 1994, have now pointers to source files at the CQG WWW Depository. Find, for example, the HEP record of the paper published in the Class.Quant.Grav.11: 621-648, 1994:


Note that the retrieval of full text information from the depository is only enabled to institutions subscribed to Class. and Quant. Gravity. Find more information about the access here. See also the note on access to Nucl. Phys. depository below.

Sep 16, 94
All HEP records corresponding to articles published in Nuclear Physics A and B since 1993, have now pointers to source files at the Nucl. Phys. WWW Depository. Find, for example, the HEP record of the paper published in Nucl.Phys.B421: 111-124, 1994:


Note that the retrieval of full text information from the depository is only enabled to institutions subscribed to Nucl. Phys. Find more information about the access here.

Aug 18, 94
The list of top-cited articles in the HEP databases is now available. Have fun (and don't forget: it's not all in the citation)!

Aug 3, 94
The TOPIC (TP, KEYWORD) search in HEP is not particularly convenient if you don't have a full list of topics. This list is now available even to non-SLAC users. To get it, use the anonymous ftp server preprint.slac.stanford.edu (login-name: anonymous, password: your-userid), then cd preprints/Miscellaneous , and then get hep.keywords
Note that this is a huge (1.2 Mb) ASCII file. Share it with your colleagues.

Aug 3, 94
PARTICLES database is no longer available in SPIRES. Web users can find the full postscript version of the latest edition of the Review of Particle Properties on the LBL Particle Data Group (PDG) server: visit the PDG Home Page. To search the corresponding database, use Telnet to reach the PDG public access account at MUSE.LBL.GOV (or Login as PDG_PUBLIC.

May 9, 94
Users of the CONF database can now find more than just elementary information on upcoming conferences. When available, we post additional information, such as lists of lectures, application forms, announcements, etc. To see how this works, select more information in the following example:


Please send all information on future particle physics oriented conferences to conf@slac.stanford.edu

Apr 29, 94
The citation search is now possible for the bulletin-board papers in the HEP database. Try, for example,

FIND C HEP-TH 9401030

Once a b-board paper is published, the citations from the bulletin-board phase get added to the regular, journal citations.

Apr 27, 94
Abstracts and papers from the new HEP-EX bulletin board, devoted to experimental high-energy physics, are the latest addition to the ABSTRACTS database.

To get more information on the HEP-EX, send e-mail to: hep-ex@xxx.lanl.gov , with Subject: HELP .

Apr 26, 94
The CDF's 'top-quark' paper, submitted to Phys. Rev. D, can be found in SLAC's preprints depository. You can View Abstract, or View_Paper on the Web, or use ftp to get the postscript file. SLAC's anonymous ftp server is at
and the path to the paper is pub/preprints/hep-ph/9404/top.ps.Z . The 1Mb, 153 pages paper, has figures imbedded.
Note that the 'official' copy of the paper can be fetched from the Fermilab WWW server.

(Note added Sep 30, 94: This paper has been published in Phys.Rev.D50: 2966-3026, 1994)

Apr 18, 94
The 'forms search' is now possible in the HEP database. Still in highly experimental phase. If your browser can handle forms interface (use e.g., MidasWWW, or Xmosaic), get a taste of the new way of searching by clicking here.

Mar 25, 94
A completely revised format for the Experiments database has been introduced. References are now "clickable" and have pointers to bibliographic data in the HEP database (where available). New elements, RELATED experiments, EMAIL contact, and URL for experiment's Web Home Page have been added. To see an example, click here. (May not look so good on a linear browser).

Mar 7, 94
End of an era: Louise Addis, SLAC's Head Librarian, officially retires. Louise played the crucial role in a development of SLAC-SPIRES d'bases, installation of the QSPIRES server, and bringing the d'bases as well as the full postscript preprint server to the Web. Louise will stay at SLAC as a part-time advisor and coordinator.

The new Head Librarian is Patricia Kreitz, coming to SLAC from SSCL.

Mar 1, 94
A listserver has been established for those interested in receiving the weekly lists of newly arrived preprints, PPF ("Preprints in Particles and Fields"). To subscribe, send e-mail to:
The machine ignores the Subject: line. Type
subscribe ppf-l your_full_name
in the body of your e-mail. (Similarly, to unsubscribe, send the request: signoff ppf-l , to the same address).
This week's, and last week's PPFs can be found on the Web as well.

Mar 1, 94
Authorization is no longer needed for the use of QSPIRES server. Anybody, from any node accessible from SLAC, can now search HEP and several other SLAC-SPIRES databases via QSPIRES.
QSPIRES was introduced ten years ago. Hundreds of physicists and non-physicists worldwide served as local 'QSPIRES node managers' in the past. Our sincere thanks to these volunteers for their help in making QSPIRES a useful and important tool.

Please report any future problem with QSPIRES to: qspi@slac.stanford.edu .

Feb 20, 94
The new SLAC-SPIRES Home Page has been created. It leads to several SPIRES related databases and information pages. It also has a pointer to Stanford FOLIO.
(Note that the FOLIO link opens a Telnet connection, and some simpler browsers might not be able to handle such a connection properly. In addition, FOLIO is open only to the Stanford community, and one can use it only with a proper access code.)

Go to SLAC Home Page, or SPIRES Home Page , or make a search in the HEP database.