HEP-database HELP

'OPTIONS' in the preprint-database search

Instructions which do not affect a search, but do influence the way a search result is presented, may be added to the 'OPTION' field. The option field is separated from a search command by an open left parenthesis. Use, e.g., the option field to give special output instructions. In many SLAC's databases there is more than one way of displaying a record. For example, in the HEP-database:
WWW format:
this is the default format; all authors are shown (except for the large experimental collaborations)
WWWCITE format:
shows the number of citations of a paper
* Specify a format with the phrase 'USING format-name', e.g.,
If you want a result to be presented in the default WWW format, type only a search command, and do not use the option field:
       FIN EXP FNAL-E-0770

* With the option '(RESULT' only the number of papers satisfying search criteria is displayed, not the actual bibliographic data. This is convenient when a large search result is expected. For example, to see how many SLAC's papers are in the database, type


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HG, 30 Dec 94