DOCUMENTATION for the preprint-database search

The latest news related to WWW searching of the HEP (Preprint) and other SPIRES databases can be found in SPIRES News.

The current list of TOPIC (KEYWORD) terms may be obtained via the anonymous ftp server (login-name: anonymous, password: your-userid). Use cd preprints/Miscellaneous , and then get hep.keywords. Note that this is a huge (1.2Mb) ASCII file.

SLAC/SPIRES databases are brought to WWW via the remote server QSPIRES. There is no, as yet, a dedicated SPIRES/WWW guide or manual, but the SLAC report "Guide to QSPIRES" (see below) may be helpful in many cases.

The full title of the document is "Guide to QSPIRES and the Particle Physics Databases on SLACVM" (SLAC-Report-393). It may be obtained free of charge from the SLAC's Publication Department. Send your request for the SLAC-393 Report, and your complete mailing address to

You can subscribe to weekly lists of newly-arrived preprints (PPF/PPA) by sending the following command to

               subscribe ppf-L  your_full_name
(e.g., subscribe ppf-L Clara M. Smith). To unsubscribe, send the command:
                      signoff ppf-L
Commands should be sent in the body of your e-mail message; they are ignored if put in the Subject: line. The list manager (a real person!) can be reached via e-mail at . The latest PPF is also available online.

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 SHOW commands, or see instructions for
 displaying the result.

HG, 30 Dec 94