HEP-database HELP

SHOW/EXPLAIN commands in the preprint-database search

* Use the SHOW (SHO) and EXPLAIN (EXP) commands to learn more about the HEP-database. For example,
gives a brief description of the HEP-database. An equivalent command is EXPLAIN HEP. The term 'subfile' above means 'database'. If you type
        SHOW SEARCH TERMS             (= SHO SEA TER)       or
        SHOW INDEXES                  (= SHO IND)
you will get the list of the HEP-database search terms and their valid aliases. Use these search terms ('indexes') with the FIND and BROWSE commands. The command
        SHOW SUBFILE SIZE             (= SHO SUBSIZ)
will show how many records are stored in the database.

Return to the main HEP-database page, select help for the
 FIND command (see also instructions for
searching by DATE index), or find help for the
 BROWSE command,  or see instructions for
 displaying the result.

HG, 15 Jan 95