SLAC 7 Jul 1995

Top quark physics probes the highest energy scales presently accessible to experiment. The virtual top quark strongly affects physics such as rare and CP-violating decays of K and B mesons at low energies, as well as precision electroweak measurements made at the Tevatron, SLC, and LEP. Studies of top production and decay at present and future colliders will directly shed light on the interactions of this unique particle. In all such studies, the top quark is inextricably linked to the electroweak interaction, and through its large mass, may provide clues to physics beyond the Standard Model. The 1995 SLAC Summer Institute will address these connections between the top quark, the electroweak interaction, and what might lie beyond.

SUMMER SCHOOL (July 10-18)

Here's the detailed schedule.


Invited talks will be presented on recent experimental and theoretical results. Here're the specifics.

The format of the Institute is two separate sessions - a seven-day school of a generally pedagogical nature followed by a three-day topical conference. The program of the Institute is designed primarily, but not exclusively, for post-doctoral experimental and theoretical physicists. Advanced graduate students are welcome.

A registration fee of $230 for students and $380 for non-students will be charged. Participants must obtain their own travel and subsistence funds.

The SLAC Summer Institute is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and Stanford University.

For more conference and housing information and application forms please download or write before May 31, 1995, to: Lilian DePorcel, Conference Coordinator, SLAC, MS 62, PO Box 4349, Stanford, CA 94309; or INTERNET: SSI@SLAC.STANFORD.EDU. TELEFAX: (415) 926-3587

Lilian DePorcel