Services: Book Purchases

Publications for SLAC Use

The SLAC handles all purchases of subscriptions, books, and other publications for SLAC use. Books and journals for exclusive use of one group may be charged to the requester's account as a 'Departmental Loan'.

The purchases that SLAC Library handle include: books (including government publications), buyer's guides (Thomas Register), data services (electron devices, manuals, etc.), journals and newspapers, pamphlets, patents, preprints, reports, specifications, standards, and translations.

On Approval

You may also request that a book be obtained 'on approval'. Such a book will be sent to you for examination and either purchased or returned to the vendor depending on your recommendation. "On approval' service is usually limited to books from major U.S. publishers.

Departmental Loan

Most material acquired by the Library will be lent to you subject to recall for other users. If you need some publication always at hand, then you may request that the item be purchased with your own departmental funds for your exclusive use. These 'Departmental Loans' will not be recalled. They must, however, be account for when you leave SLAC. Either return them to the library or transfer the book to another borrower in your group. The library will occasionally verify the continued presence of 'Departmental Loan' items.

Books for Personal Use

The library cannot buy personal copies of books for staff members. However, we can help you locate the information you need to order a book yourself. Call the acquisitions librarian, Ruth Consul x4386 or send e-mail, for information on local book stores.

To borrow a book for personal use, please contact your local public library or go down to the Stanford Libraries yourself.