SLAC Library Collection: Preprints

Preprints are listed in the on-line SPIRES-HEP catalog by all authors, title words, report numbers, etc. They are displayed for a week in the SLAC Library the reading room (see Library Floor Plan). Each Friday, the previous weeks' preprints are removed from display and routed at 10a.m.. The new preprints are then placed on display in the afternoon at 2p.m.

E-prints are preprints obtained from the e-print archives. You can print your own postscript copies of these papers using the library's public X-Window terminals. E-prints are not being shelved or routed.

Preprints are announced in the weekly on-line listing, Preprints in Particles and Fields (PPF) which is available electronically.

After publication in a printed journal, the preprint records are annotated in SPIRES-HEP and the preprints are discarded. The weekly lists of both PPF and PPA are available to subscribers electronically.