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HEP (SPIRES-SLAC) is a joint project of SLAC and DESY Libraries, with additional input from CERN, Fermilab, ITEP, Kyoto U., and several other institutions. The database covers preprints and high-energy physics articles published since 1975. It was organized and nurtured for two decades by Louise Addis (now retired). SLAC Library not only collects the bibliographic data, but also adds pointers to viewable/printable postscript versions of e-prints and various other high-energy physics papers. Although the database is used all over the world, the database maintenance is funded solely by SLAC, through the Library budget.

The caretaker and the coordinator of the HEP-database input is R. Gex. Main inputers are B. Rupp and A. Zapata. Also participating in the project are H. Galic (input, output), S. Ivanhoe (input), and G. Row (input). It is not an easy job, but we all enjoy doing it. Note that new records are being added to the HEP database on a daily basis, though the proofreading is done only once a week (usually on Wednesdays). If you notice an error in a description of your latest paper, please let us know, but only after the error persists in the database for several days. If we don't correct the error after 5-6 days, it means that our watchdog committee failed to detect it during the proofreading, and that we deserve - by all means - your criticism. We value your feedback. Please send corrections/comments to: library@slac.stanford.edu

Software that enables the World Wide Web (WWW) access to the HEP database is written by G. Crane (SLAC).

HG, 20 Oct 95

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