Business Services Division

2575 Sand Hill Rd. - MS 02
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: (415)926-2216 FAX: (415)926-4999

MISSION: "Business Services Division...The Ground Crew For High-Flying Science. First-Class Business Support For World-Class Research"

Welcome to the SLAC Business Services Division information page!! SLAC is operated under a Department of Energy (DOE) contract with Stanford University. For details on doing business with SLAC or on accessing the lab's resources, select one of the following:

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Technology Transfer

SLAC's Office of Technology Transfer performs a vital function at the laboratory. Its goal is to contribute to the development of better goods and services produced by US companies and thereby enhance US competitiveness in the global marketplace. SLAC's primary job in support of technology transfer is to:

SLAC uses numerous methods in its technology transfer operations to achieve its ends, including:

For information on establishing a cooperative project, use of facilities, or licensing agreements, contact Jim Simpson, Office of Technology Transfer, (415)926-2213 or email


The authority for purchase resides exclusively with the Purchasing Department. If a vendor takes action prior to receipt of a purchase order (PO) or subcontract, they may not recover their costs and may be disqualified from competitive bidding. For additional information:

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Office is responsible for vendor payments. Unless the vendor has requested payment prior to sending an item or providing a service, the department does not pay vendors until after an invoice has been received and matched to appropriate orders and/or receiving documents. Advance payments require DOE approval. For additional information:


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