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SLAC-SPIRES: Conferences

Fill in the entries you know, leave the others blank. To search, click on the "Perform Search" button below.

Enter the known words from the title of the conference in any order. Use the truncation symbol # if unsure of the spelling of a word. For example, entering microprocessor# will yield titles with the words microprocessor or microprocessors.

Enter the name of the nearest city or the name of the country where the conference was held. If unsure of spelling, use the truncation symbol, #, e.g. les hou# will yield conferences held in Les Houches.

Enter the beginning date of the conference as precisely as you like, e.g. September 10, 1975 will yield conferences that began that day, whereas September, 1975 will yield conferences that began anytime during that month.


If you have questions about this database, or want to announce a particle physics related conference, please contact the caretaker, conf@slac.stanford.edu.

We can now post more than just elementary information. Send additional material, such as announcements, lists of lectures, application forms, etc., to the above e-mail address. Use ASCII format. Mail hard copies of posters to:

     Georgia Row
     SLAC Library, MS-82
     P.O. Box 4349
     Stanford, CA 94309 USA

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