URLs to Use SLAC Web Utilities in HTML Pages

SLAC Last Update: December 6, 1995

URLs to use SLAC WWW Utilities in HTML Pages

Many utilities have been developed or imported to ease the creation of Web pages by SLAC authors. The following is a list of URLs to access these utilities from an HTML page, together with an example, a brief description of the purpose, and the contact person.

The format of the following entries is:

The following are in general use and supported: The following are in experimental use only (caveat emptor):

Further Information

There is also URL= "mailto:mail-address" that is a browser function that allows the user to send mail to the mail-address (e.g. cottrell@slac.stanford.edu).

For more information on writing REXX and Perl CGI scripts at SLAC see Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX. For similar information on Perl see the CGI and HTML Tutorial by Alan Richmond.

You may also be interested in looking at Features provided by www-leland for information on the Stanford WWW server's features, and some scripts they have written.

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