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10 Dec 1995

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Hot Topic: Martin Perl receives Nobel Prize! Professor Perl was awarded the 1995 prize in physics for his discovery of the tau lepton.

N.B.: SLAC has embarked upon a major redesign of its URL names over the next few months. See Major Changes to SLAC WWW: Migration.

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Use the WorldWideWeb (WWW) service to gain access to diverse information here and around the globe. Remember that over time hypertext links may move around on a page, migrate to other pages, or be removed entirely due to the dynamic nature of the Web.

SLAC Information (Including SPIRES)

Public Information:
introduction to SLAC, education, employment opportunities, maps, Summer Institute, tours.
Phone Books:
SLAC people (directory), particle physics people and institutions; SLAC and ESnet X.500 white pages; more phone books.
SPIRES-HEP, current PPF-list, books, SLACspeak glossary, Library News, more databases.
Recent E-Prints:
today, yesterday, last seven days, week before that, let me search.
today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this year, let me search.
this month, next month, next summer, next year, all future, let me search.
News and Periodicals:
Beam Line, Business Briefs, Hot Topics, Netnews, New Options for Wellness, The Interaction Point*, Training Opportunities*; APS What's New.

SLAC Physics

BABAR, BES, E143, E144, E154, mQ, SLD.
SSRL, Theory, Group K.
Analysis Software:
Operations Logs:
Linac: yesterday*, today*, this week*, this year*; SPEAR.

SLAC Computing and Communications

General Computing:
ADCoC, FreeHEP, Futures, PowerBook Pool, Security, SLACwide.
Group Computing:
Internet, Networking, Network Reference, Telecommunications.

More SLAC Information Resources

Community Information:
Life at SLAC, SLAC Administrative Services Handbook, SLAC Environment, Safety, and Health Manual.
DRAW, ELDREQ*, Stores catalog*.

SLAC Organization+

Environment, Safety, & Health (ES&H), Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL).
Groups, Departments, Etc.
Accelerator Operations, Accelerator Theory and Special Projects Group, Technical Publications.
Organization Charts
Technical Publications

Useful Information Elsewhere

HEP Experiments:
ALEPH, DELPHI, L3, OPAL; CLEO; H1, ZEUS; CDF, D0; more HEP experiments.
HEP Institutions:
Brown (including The Virtual Review), CERN, DESY, Fermilab, IHEP/China, LANL (including e-prints), LBL (including PDG), LLNL, more HEP institutions.
Federal Resources:
DOE, FedWorld, the MetaCenter, NASA, NCAR, NERSC, USGS, more federal agencies.
Local Area Resources:
Stanford University and its Medical Center, more local area resources.
Network Organizations:
BBN Planet, Western Region, CREN/BITNET, ESnet, HEPIC, Standards, SuperJANET.
Professional Societies:
AAS, ACM, AIP, APS (including PACS), NAS; HEPiX, UniForum, USENIX & SAGE.
Other Information Sources:
Colleges and Universities, GopherSpace, grab bag, hacker's jargon, LISTSERV lists, USENET FAQs, vendors, the WWW Virtual Library (including Accelerator Physics).

SLAC WWW Support

WWW at SLAC is supported by the WWW Technical Committee, to whom you should address questions, comments, complaints, etc. See What's New for updates to SLAC's WWW pages, Major Changes for more system-related modifications, and SLAC WWW Server Statistics for usage data. You may also find the Old SLAC Home Page and the Test SLAC Home Page helpful.

The WWW Project was initiated at CERN. People around the globe contribute. CERN has just turned over basic WWW development in Europe to the WebCore Project headed by INRIA. The International WorldWideWeb Consortium (W3C) is run jointly by INRIA and MIT. See the WWW bibliography for initial pointers to major topics and SLAC WWW resources for pointers to authoring, testing, and other materials for service providers here.


* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.

+ When the "SLAC Organization" section gets large, we intend to move parts of it, e.g., "Groups, Departments, Etc." and "Organization Charts" off to another page.

This page is intended for people experienced with WWW at SLAC ("refreshers") who prefer working in a flat dense space.

This version of the SLAC Home Page was created by Joan Winters and evolved from part of the original one created by Tony Johnson and updated by various SLAC WWWizards. This version of the SLAC seal was created by Terry Anderson.

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