Introduction to the Mac at SLAC

SLAC 1 Dec 1995

Information for SLAC Mac Users

The following are core documents for users of Macs at SLAC.

Using the Mac at SLAC, rev.2, May 1995
contains helpful information about the Mac environment particular to SLAC. Available at the SCS Computer Support Center (SCSC) in the Computer Building Lobby.
Recommended Mac Hardware, Feb 1995
Check the recommended hardware configurations described here before purchasing a new Mac.
Tailoring Your Mac for SLAC, rev. 2, May 1995
Use this guide to tailor your Mac after it's been installed.
Supported Mac Services, November 1994
A brief description of services fully supported by SCS and a few of the most useful Mac network tools.
SLAC ARA Documentation, April 1995
Use Apple Remote Access (ARA) to get access to SLAC file servers and hosts from a Mac offsite. This tells you what you need to do use ARA on your Mac at home. Access the document on the Mac server Public Disk 1: Things You Need: Networking Tools: ARA: SLAC ARA Documentation.

Other Helpful SLAC Information

Final report of the Mac Pilot Committee and supporting documents (April, 1995). Select this copy to see an HTML version of the report only or if you are not at SLAC.
See this SLAC newsgroup for announcements, questions, and other information.
You may find this general computing introduction useful.
SLAC Networking
This page includes information on the SLAC computing network that affects Macintosh users.
PowerBook Pool
PowerBooks you can borrow for a week/trip at a time.

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Information Sources Elsewhere

The WWW GUI browser we recommend is Netscape. Get the software and installation instructions for it from the folder Public Disk 1: Things Your Need: Internet tools: WWW Browsers: Netscape. Explore the WWW Netscape Home page.

Many useful FAQs.

You may find Mt. Holyoke's Software Tools for Your Macintosh interesting.

Experimental Goodies

You may also find the following interesting:
Stanford University's very popular and comprehensive archive of Macintosh information and programs.
Mac Archive
The University of Michigan's comprehensive Mac archive.
Inexpensive Internet video and audio conferencing software from Cornell University and, now, White Pine Software. For the latest development software, see Cornell's FTP site. The university is also remodeling its Web site. (Contact Joan Winters for a demo.)

* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.