The Asymmetric B Factory

PEP is now being upgraded to serve as a facility, dubbed the Asymmetric B Factory or PEP-II, that will produce millions of B quarks. Proposed by a group of scientists from SLAC, the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the B Factory will be an extensive modification and upgrade of the present PEP machine. It will make use of much of the existing equipment and infrastructure, but include a second ring of magnets and other devices to increase the collision rate about fifty times. A key feature of this collider is the fact that electrons and positrons will circulate and collide with unequal energies.

The prospective research program for such a facility is very rich; a central theme will be the detailed study of the difference between matter and antimatter. This phenomenon, called CP violation, appears to be a crucial ingredient in the formation of the universe, yet we have a very poor understanding of it. This program requires the copious production of the particles known as B-mesons, which in turn means that the B Factory must operate at a very high collision rate.

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