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                 Stanford Public Information REtrieval System

Important note: SLAC will be closed between December 23, 1995 and January 1, 1996, but SPIRES databases will be available during that period. Automatic (and unsupervised) coverage of new e-prints will continue, but all other SPIRES-related activities, including regular input and updating, will be interrupted during the closure.

Welcome to SLAC-SPIRES Information Retrieval System

A variety of the SLAC Library databases of interest to high-energy physics community is now made available via WWW. This project is still in the experimental phase and we do appreciate your feedback. If a caretaker of a particular database is not listed, please address your comments to: library@slac.stanford.edu

The following SLAC's information sources are currently accessible to WWW users:

SLAC Library book catalog. See also the list of books received in the last four weeks, or 'clickable' subject lists, A through K and L through Z, for the BOOKS database.
HEP preprint database. Contains bibliographic summaries of more than 300,000 particle physics papers. Included are preprints, journal articles, technical reports, thesis, etc. Searchable by author, title, report number, institution, collaboration, and more. Find citations of your favorite author or article. View postscript versions of selected preprints, read abstracts of e-print archive papers. Need more help? We also offer several versions of (still) highly experimental HEP-database search 'forms'.
Recent e-Prints:
Useful in searching for recent high-energy physics e-prints ("bulletin-board" papers) not yet covered by the HEP database. Find abstracts and viewable postscript of articles posted today, yesterday, in the last seven days, week before that, or anytime. Preferred access to older e-prints is through the HEP preprint database (above).
World-wide e-mail directory of people related to particle physics. Includes SLAC physicists, personnel.
SLAC phone book with e-mail addresses, room numbers, mail-stop codes.
Past and future particle physics conferences. Find the list of this month, next month, next summer, next year, all future conferences, or make your own search. To announce a new HEP-related conference, please write to: conf@slac.stanford.edu
Addresses, phone and fax numbers of high-energy physics institutions. See also the SPIRES list of HEP institutions with WWW servers.
Experiments in high-energy physics (source for the PDG LBL-91 Report). See also the Experiments Online document.
List of new preprints currently displayed in the Library. See also the last week's list.
New From SLAC:
List of the most recent preprints and reports by SLAC authors.
Past and future seminars at SLAC, Stanford Physics Department, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and other nearby places. Find seminars today, tomorrow, this week, next week, anytime, or make your own search. Check also a separate list of departmental colloquia at SLAC.
SLAC Library News:
The Web version of the Library News weekly publication.
Glossary of SLAC, and HEP-related acronyms and terms.
A collection of software and information about software which is useful in high-energy physics. You can also browse an alphabetical subject area, or go to the FreeHEP Home-page.
Data from the Review of Particle Properties (RPP). This database is no longer available at SLAC. Please, visit the LBL Particle Data Group (PDG) WWW server, where you can find the full-text postscript version of the latest edition of the RPP. To search the corresponding database, use Telnet to reach the PDG public access account at MUSE.LBL.GOV (or Login as PDG_PUBLIC.

SPIRES Information Service Elsewhere

Stanford FOLIO:
Log on to Stanford campus FOLIO information system (may be used only by those who have Stanford ID number).

HG, SLAC. Last update: 15 Dec 1995