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Some computing and related vendors used by SLAC are serving information to the worldnet.

Computing Companies

Adobe Systems Incorporated's home page, including a permuted index to their page titles and access to Free Acrobat Readers for viewing PDF files.
Alantec's information server with an Overview of Alantec, a Newsletter, Technical Support Reports, and Contact & Ordering information.
Andataco experts in network storage solutions.
Apple's WWW site and their Support & Information page with corporate info, product descriptions, technical services and software updates.
Cabletron's WWW site provides customers with access to information about Cabletron's products, services and technical support.
Cisco Systems, Inc.,'s Information Archive with networking materials for its customers and information on education.
Claris International's home page with information on products and demos, software library, slaes and customer assistance, and technical support.
Combinet, Inc.,'s home page with information on its networking products, newsletter, and ISDN.
Compaq's home page.
Dell Computer Company's home page with products, support and corporate information.
Digital Equipment Corporation's WWW server with extensive DEC information (including the Customer Update), Customer Services, newsgroups and mailing lists, archives and public domain software, and access to Alpha AXP demo systems.
Dell's home page.
Enterprise Integration Technologies' WWW server, with information about the company and many other Internet resources.
Eudora (Qualcomm) home site.
Farallon (maker of innovative plug and play networking products) Web server.
Frontier Software
Frontier Software's Web site with information on the Netscout product family of SNMP/RMON network monitoring devices. [NEW]
Global Village
Global Village Communications Home page provides product information, access to customer support etc.
The Hewlett-Packard Company's WWW server with news and information on products, contacts, services & support, the organization itself, and how to navigate its Web.
IBM Corporation's home page with information on its products, services, industry solutions, technology, research, and more. See also RISC System/6000 in Austin on the hardware and AIX software and Almaden Research Center including David Singer's Page of Pointers with much OS/2 information.
IBM Kiosk for Education, developed at the University of Washington with IBM information, application software, and a bulletin board for people in the higher education community. Follow-on to ISAAC.
Innosoft International Inc.
Innosoft home of the PMDF eMail Interconnect.
Intel's home page with information on Processors & PCs, Communications & Networking, PC Developer Support, and Embedded Design Products
The Mathworks, Inc.,'s WWW server on the company and its products, e.g., the MATLAB program.
Microdisc Department [NEW]
The Microcomputer Disccount program of the Stanford Bookstore with product information, ordering guidelines, prices etc.
Microsoft Corporation's experimental WWW server with public information about the company and its products.
Network Applications Technology (N.A.T.) home page with company and product information.
Network Computing Devices, Inc.,'s home page with corporate, product, and technical information, including material on its X terminals.
Netscape's home page.
Network General
Network General Corporation's home page with sales, service and product information.
NeXT Computer, Inc.'s site.
Novell's home page with access to manuals, technical support, services and applications.
Oracle's Information Highway home page.
Pac Bell
Pacific Bell's home page
QMS, Inc.,'s home page with information on its document processing and printing products and services.
Seagate's home page for information on storage and software products, technical support and product specifications.
Silicon Graphics, Inc.,'s home page with marketing, product, class, technical, and other information on its high-performance visual computing systems.
Stanford Bookstore MicroDisc
Stanford Bookstore MicroDisc provides Product Information, Prices, Ordering Guidelines, hours, location, and policy.
StarNine Technologies
Sun Microsystems, Inc.,'s home page with product and service information. See also the Sun Archives at the University of North Carolina (UNC), including the Sunergy documents on computing usage and futures associated with Sunergy Satellite Broadcasts and Newsletters.
Tektronix's home page with information on printers, networking (including Xterminals), video, and measurement products.
TGV's home page with products & services, customer support and company information.
USRobotics WWW server provides information on products and services, contacts, access to support
White Pine
White Pine Software Inc. provides a complete line of X Window System Display Servers (eXodus), DEC and Tektronix terminal emulation software, and the commercial version of CU-SeeMe.
Wollongong [NEW]
The Wollongong Group's home page with products and services, company information and marketing partners.
The Workstation Group
The Workstation Group Ltd. specializes in software for companies converting from IBM mainframes to Open Systems Solutions. Their products include Uni-REXX and uni-XEDIT.

Publishers and Conference Organizers

FTP server for Addison-Wesley and related publishing houses.
AIXtra OnLine [NEW]
/AIXtra is IBM's Magazine for AIX professionals.
Cardinal Business Media Inc.
Cardinal Business Media Inc. publishers of the INTERNETWORK magazine.
Datamation [NEW]
Datamation's home page providing technology and business solutions for IS managers.
Information Week
Information Week's TechWeb home page
MecklerMedia, publishers of WebWeek and Internet World Conference Organizers.
Network Computing
Network Computing, a monthly magazine on client/server computing, articles are available Online via WWW
NetworkWorld Fusion to learn more about the top stories in NetworkWorld.
O'Reilly & Associates' WWW Resource Center on their organization, its UNIX and Internet publications, and other products. See also the Global Network Navigator (GNN), an information center with several electronic publications and other resource centers. N.B.: ORA's Terms and Conditions of Use require subscription to GNN, a heretofore uncustomary restriction to information access on the Internet.
Prentice Hall
Prentice Hall's home page, including its Professional Technical Reference (PTR) titles.
SOFTBANK Exposition and Conference Co. (previously ZD Expos), presenter of high-tech trade shows like NetWorld+Interop and the Seybold Seminars and publishers of ConneXions, plus an online virtual trade show.
WAIS, Inc.,'s home page with information on its network publishing products and services including a technical overview of WAIS concepts.

Other Information Sources

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