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Important note: SLAC will be closed between December 23, 1995 and January 1, 1996, but SPIRES databases will be available during that period. Automatic (and unsupervised) coverage of new e-prints will continue, but all other SPIRES-related activities, including regular input and updating, will be interrupted during the closure.


This form may be used to search the HEPNAMES database, the worldwide directory of e-mail addresses of people related to high-energy physics. Included are the addresses of SLAC people.

Type the last (family) name in the search box. Avoid using first names. If necessary, use only the main initial, e.g. smith, a. Note the comma separating the last name and the initial. In this database, Bob may be listed as Robert, William as Bill, etc., so try alternate names. If a special character appears in a name, such as the ü in the German spelling of Müller, try alternate spellings, such as Muller and Mueller.


If you don't find an address in HEPNAMES, try also other resources.

If you are a high-energy physicist and we don't have your most recent e-mail address, or if you have questions about this database, please contact the caretaker, hepnames@slac.stanford.edu.

This page was created on Aug 10, 1995, by Chris Spenner using SPIFACE. Revised Dec 15, 1995. The 'old-fashioned' non-forms search of this database will only be available till December 31, 1995, at http://www-spires.slac.stanford.edu/find/hepname1