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19 Dec 1995

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This page is primarily for SLAC researchers, collaborators, and staff. A longer version, similar to the old SLAC Home Page, is available by selecting the "Detailed Home" button in the menu bar above. For help, see the "SLAC Introduction to WWW." For a more general introduction to the Lab, select the "SLAC Welcome" button.

o Hot Topic: Martin Perl receives Nobel Prize!

o System Change: On the Migration to the New SLAC Page Design

* SLAC Research
High-energy, particle, and synchrotron radiation physics; accelerator physics; accelerator operations; and theoretical physics; e.g., BABAR, SLD, SSRL, PEP-II, and Theoretical Physics.

* Information from SLAC (including SPIRES Databases)
Information for users worldwide, such as jobs, directories, databases, calendars, publications, and software, e.g., SPIRES-HEP, Today's E-Prints, and FreeHEP.

* SLAC Computing and Communications
Computing resources, services, and plans; networking; and telecommunications; e.g., Platforms, Computer Networking, and Emergency Communications.

* SLAC Institutional Information
Site information; internal publications and communications; administrative tools; and library; e.g., Seminars, ELDREQ*, and Books.

* SLAC Divisions, Groups, & Programs
Main organizational units, offices, and outreach efforts, e.g., Environment, Safety, & Health; Technical Publications; and Education.

* Useful Information Elsewhere
HEP experiments and institutions; professional societies; DOE and other federal, state, local, and networked resources; e.g., Experiments Online, APS What's New, and DOE.

* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.

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