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22 Dec 1995

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Now You've Joined the SLAC Community...

Gathered here are some documents on diverse subjects to help you get started.

First off, if you're not familiar with using the World Wide Web (WWW) or its implementation here, select this SLAC Introduction to WWW hypertext link.

Then find out about the Lab by reading its Welcome Page and take a physical tour. Here are some maps.

On SLAC Research

The BABAR Detector to study CP-violating asymmetries in the decays of neutral B mesons.
The SLD experiment in Z particle physics.
The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) where synchrotron radiation is used to investigate objects of atomic and molecular size.
The PEP-II Asymmetric B Factory to upgrade the current PEP collider for BABAR.
Theoretical Physics
Current research interests of SLAC's theoretical physicists.
Life at SLAC
Handbook on operations and policies to help visiting researchers get settled in quickly and safely.

On Information from SLAC (including SPIRES)

Instructions for using the very popular SPIRES HEP database of preprints and high-energy physics articles.
Beam Line
The online version of SLAC's quarterly periodical of particle physics.

On SLAC Computing and Communications

SCSC Services
Services of the SCS Computer Support Center (SCSC), including setting up computing accounts and reporting problems.
E-Mail Addresses
"Understanding E-Mail Addresses" on de-mystifying this complex subject.
Getting started with the Macintosh.
Getting started with PCs.
SLAC AFS Users' Guide" on concepts, terms, and basic commands of the Andrew File System (AFS).
Computer Networking
Introduction to SLAC's data networking services, monitoring, and problem reporting procedures.
Telephone Guide
SLAC Telephone Users' Guide on emergency communications, policies, services, reporting problems, and equipment.

On SLAC Institutional Information

Admin Handbook
The SLAC Administrative Services Handbook on administrative resources and services, including printable versions of many of SLAC's forms.
ES&H Manual
The SLAC Environment, Safety, & Health Manual on employee health and safety in the workplace.
ES&H Training
Collection of training catalogs, schedules, study guides, and other ES&H tools.
Library Guide
"SLAC Library Guide" noting staff, collections, borrowing rules, services, etc. See also Library News.
The SLAC USENET newsgroup where some news of Lab-wide importance is announced.

On SLAC Divisions, Groups, & Programs

Science Education
Educational programs for various levels with associated materials.
SLAC Summer Institute on Particle Physics, organized around a general topic of particular interest that varies annually.

In Closing...

Local Area Resources is a good place to start when you're new to the Peninsula. To see information on physics, professional societies, federal organizations, and other resources beyond SLAC, try looking at Useful Information Elsewhere.

And, remember, to find out more about the World Wide Web (WWW) and its organization here, take a look at the SLAC Introduction to WWW. Then follow its links to the SLAC Home Pages.

* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users

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