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22 Dec 1995

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Major installations that change SLAC's production WWW environment are documented here. For information on the current versions of SLAC's WWW browsers and servers, see SLAC production software.

'95 Major Page Design Changes

12 Dec 1995

On Friday, December 15, 1995, SLAC's default Web page, the one at, changed from the previous SLAC Home Page to the new SLAC Welcome Page. This represented the top of a major set of changes to SLAC's Web. These were developed over many months with input from diverse individuals, those who tested the prototype environment last summer, and the WWW Style Committee, among others.

The Welcome Page provides an introduction to SLAC for the general public. Working members of the SLAC community were expected to use their browsers to change their own defaults to a more appropriate page for their own activities.

The Home Page also saw major changes. It was split into two versions, the Highlighted and Detailed SLAC Home Pages because people have different styles of work. Both versions provide access to the same content, but the Highlighted page is arranged more hierarchically than the Detailed one, which contains all the links in one dense, flat space.

In addition, the information categories on the SLAC Home Page(s) were modified. One change was that the major category "Research" is now first; "Information from SLAC," second. Some new pages were added; others were split. New and updated information was added throughout.

The "look and feel" of the central SLAC pages was also enhanced with a SLAC logo to identify clearly the institution and with top and bottom button bars for easy access to other parts of SLAC's Web. Many pages were moved into the AFS UNIX space from VM and NFS. See '95 Page Migration below.

For further information, see "On the Migration to the New SLAC Page Design."

'95 Page Migration

7 Dec 1995

Early in 1995 SLAC installed a new server dedicated to WWW. To take advantage of its greater compute power, we also embarked upon a project to move as many production WWW pages as possible from VM and temporary UNIX space (e.g., /winters/...) into a unified AFS file system on UNIX. We are using the occasion to regularize the file and URL naming schemes, too.

The migration will occur over some months, first moving one set of pages and updating their links in the core SLAC pages, then moving another set likewise. We will smooth the transition through the temporary use of symbolic links (where possible) and pointer files. Lists of old and new URL will appear here as they are specifically scheduled to change.

Please update any links you have in pages you own or in your hot lists to use the new URL. Note that /FIND (e.g., in is going away although it will still sometimes appear during the transition.

Although we test many links, we cannot test them all in all environments. If you find a link to a SLAC page that fails and stays broken for more than a day, contact the owner of the page with the failing link or Joan Winters.

All the new files are in UNIX AFS. Some affected pages and other files:

Old Name                                 Platform    New URL Name

SLAC     HTML    [split]                 SLACVM      /highlighted.html
                                                       also, /slac/www/how-to-use/systemchange/dec1995/choose.html
SLACINST HTML                            SLACVM      /    [the new SLAC default]
/slac/slacinst/institution.html          WWW pointer /    [         "          ] 
AFS      HTML                            SLACVM      /comp/unix/afs/afs.html
CREATE   HTML                            SLACVM      /slac/www/resource/create.html
HOTTOPIC HTML                            SLACVM      /slac/hottopic/hottopic.html
HYPERTEX HTML                            SLACVM      /slac/www/how-to-use/hypertext.html
LOCRES   HTML                            SLACVM      /slac/locres.html
MACINTOS HTML                            SLACVM      /comp/mac/mac.html
 and /winters/pub/www/Mac/*              UNIX NFS    /comp/mac/*
MQ       HTML                            SLACVM      /exp/mq/mq.html
PC       HTML                            SLACVM      /comp/pc/pc.html
SECURITY HTML                            SLACVM      /comp/security/security.html
SLACVOID HTML                            SLACVM      /slac/www/resource/void.html
/slac/www/resource/authoring.html        UNIX AFS    /slac/www/resource/authoringtool.html
UNIX     HTML                            SLACVM      /comp/unix/unix.html
/usr/local/doc/intro/Email-Addresses     UNIX NFS    /comp/intro/email-address
VENDORS  HTML                            SLACVM      /comp/vendor/vendor.html
WHATSNEW HTML                            SLACVM      /slac/www/how-to-use/whatsnew.html
/winters/pub/intro/scsc/*                UNIX NFS    /comp/intro/scsc/*
/winters/pub/intro/          UNIX NFS    /comp/intro/
/winters/pub/www/browsers.html           UNIX NFS    /slac/www/resource/browser.html
/winters/pub/www/net/reference.html      UNIX NFS    /comp/net/reference.html
/winters/pub/www/playpen.html            UNIX NFS    /slac/www/resource/playpen.html
/winters/pub/www/telecom/*               UNIX NFS    /comp/telecom/*
/winters/pub/www/telecom/phone-book.html UNIX NFS    /comp/telecom/phone-dir/phone-dir.html
/winters/pub/www/template.html           UNIX NFS    /slac/www/resource/template.html
/winters/pub/www/wwwref.html             UNIX NFS    /slac/www/resource/resource.html
WWWBIBL  HTML                            SLACVM      /slac/www/how-to-use/bibliography.html
WWWINTRO HTML   [split]                  SLACVM      /slac/www/how-to-use/intro.html
WWWSTAT  HTML   [split]                  SLACVM      /slac/www/how-to-use/systemchange.html

November 19, 1993, Installation

The following HTML and related files were moved to the WWW production system as part of the November 19, 1993, installation:
    SLAC     HTML       [Previously TEST SLAC Home Page]
    AFS      HTML
    LAN      HTML
    MQ       HTML
    SCS      HTML
    UNIX     HTML
    HELP     INDEX
    FGET     EXEC
And temporarily in:
    /winters/pub/www/net/art.html, netfolks.html,
         networking.html, reference.html

With this installation the specification of a number of hypertext links has had to change (e.g., from the test UNIX port and server to the production ones (on at the standard port 80).

N.B.: Contrary to installations on VM, installations to WorldWideWeb occur only to some parts at a time. Changes "roll" through the entire Web. That means that it may take some time for changes that affect one set of pages to migrate to all other pages that link to the changed set of pages (and their associated URL). Although we test many links, we cannot test them all. After a SLAC installation if you find a link to a changed page that fails, contact the owner of the page that contains the failing link.

Or send comments or problems to me (winters@SLAC.Stanford.EDU) or Louise Addis (addis@SLAC.Stanford.EDU).

If you need to get to the Old SLAC Home Page, press here, and let me know what's missing. If you're willing to take a risk, try the Test SLAC Home Page (if any) and its links, and let me know any comments.

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