On the Migration to the New SLAC Page Design

22 Dec 1995

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On Thursday evening/Friday morning, December 14/15, 1995, a major upgrade to the SLAC Web was installed. Below is a summary of the highlights:
Design Changes
Gives an overview of the major changes to the design of the central pages in SLAC's Web.
Core Pages
Describes the new, three-page model for the core of SLAC's Web. This design was recommended in the WWW Style Committee's Report, the section titled " A Model for the SLAC Laboratory Core Pages." (Note that the Welcome, Highlighted, and Detailed pages were called the Institutional, Sparse, and Dense pages there.)
Standard Formatting
Explains the new SLAC logo and the top and bottom button (menu) bars. See also the WWW Style Committee's Report on Institutional Identifiers and Further Issues.
Page Migration
Summarizes associated page movements from SLACVM and the UNIX NFS file system into the new, regularized UNIX AFS file space.
Browser Default
Describes in general terms how to change the default page your browser displays from http://www.slac.stanford.edu/, the SLAC Welcome Page, to one more suitable for you.
Obsolete Links
Summarizes the major links that are obsolete and their replacements to help you update your pages.

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