Graphic Institutional Identifiers

14 December 1995

New Design Replaces SLAC Seal on WWW Pages

In December 1995, a blue colliding particles graphic replaced the former red-on-white SLAC seal as the official institutional graphic for SLAC WWW pages. The colliding particle graphics were designed by Terry Anderson of the SLAC Technical Publications Department (using Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop). The design was subsequently reviewed and approved by the SLAC Institutional Page Committee and the Associate Directors' Committee on Computing (ADCoC).

Central pages in the SLAC Web typically bear a version of this new graphic, which comes in three sizes. The biggest version which is superimposed over an aerial photo of the SLAC site, is used only to identify the SLAC Welcome Page. The medium-sized version is used only to identify the two forms of the SLAC Home Page, Highlighted and Detailed. The smallest version is used to identify other central pages (for example, this page), and may also be used by other groups and individuals when they want to make the SLAC institutional association clear at a glance.

Updating Your SLAC Graphics

Owners of WWW pages containing a graphic SLAC identifier may want to update their URLs accordingly to point only to the new official SLAC WWW graphic. For a transition period the SLAC Web system has been modified so these redirections happen automatically.