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22 Dec 1995

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Note: "Authoring Tools for SLAC HTML Document Developers" has been moved to .../authoringtool.html. Please update any links you control.

If you want to create some Web pages, here're some SLAC-specific information to help you get started authoring and installing Web pages into the production system. For a summary of the WWW information model here, see the SLAC Introduction to WWW.

N.B.: This page is preliminary and incomplete. The Web is changing rapidly. How we recommend doing things at SLAC will change, too.

Guidelines, Conventions, and Standards

Page Installation
"How to Put Pages in the SLAC Web" with instructions for installing group pages and other documents on the SLAC WWW server.
Template Page
"Draft Template for SLAC WWW Page" where some proposed SLAC-wide guidelines are presented. Includes sample URL.
Privacy Proposal*
Proposal to D. Leith on "Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in SLAC WWW Information." Describes matters page authors should consider when outlining pages.
WWW Style Report
The "WWW Style Committee Report" where some stylistic guidelines are put forward for SLAC pages. Topics include page ownership, titling, date, institutional identification, and legal information, as well as a model for core SLAC pages.
Revised URL Scheme
"Revised WWW URL and File Naming Scheme" on naming pages in the UNIX file system. Check these WWW rules to see how SLAC URL currently map to the UNIX file system.
Placeholder Page
"SLAC Placeholder Page" to layout structure while new pages are in progress.
"SLAC Page-Design Playpen" where alternative page layouts are presented for user consideration and feedback.


Authoring Tools
"Authoring Tools for SLAC HTML Document Developers" with pointers to tools and services that may be helpful.
Page-Enriching Utilities
"URLs to Use SLAC Web Utilities in HTML Pages" to summarize SLAC-written scripts designed to enrich the functionality and robustness of your pages. If you are starting to write CGI scripts, see especially "Writing More Secure CGI Scripts" and the document on how to enclose the CGI scripts you write in SLAC's security "wrapper" command, cgi-wrap.
Server Statistics
"SLAC WWW Server Statistics" including page usage (prototype).

Change Management

Page Needed
" New WWW Pages Needed" to solicit pages to fill in gaps in the Web information structure.
Pointer Template Page
"Draft Template for SLAC WWW Pointer Page" to aid in smooth migration of pages from old URL and file systems to new. Pointer page in the old location links to the new.
See also the Revised URL Scheme and the "Tools" section.

Other Information at SLAC

For a summary of material available at SLAC for those supplying Web pages or other services, see SLAC WWW Resources.

* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.

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