SLAC Page-Design Playpen

SLAC 15 Dec 1995

This page is to provide access to page authors' experiments with various forms of information design.

The major trial of the prototype suite of pages for the central SLAC Web is over. Thanks to everyone who participated! Results will be reported to SWUG and incorporated in forthcoming page updates.

Although the prototype pages are no longer being updated, you may still use them from their new location in the SLAC Colloquia

A list of the SLAC Departmental Colloquia. Includes abstracts when available. By Whittum.

[test] slac.html
Test SLAC Home Page with an older selection of items for the top and bottom menu bars than the prototype environment and an older set of information categories. By Winters.

An introduction to SLAC, the institution, for Accelerator Physics. Includes a number of images. Not to be confused with the regular SLAC Home Page for people working in and around SLAC. By Whittum.

Draft reference page with proposed minimal standards for SLAC WWW pages. By Winters. Please send comments to the page's author or to me.

Press here to go to the production SLAC Home Page.