SLAC WWW Resources

22 Dec 1995

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If you want to create some Web pages or supply related services, here's some SLAC-specific information to help you get started.

N.B.: This page is preliminary and incomplete. The Web is changing rapidly. How we recommend doing things at SLAC will change, too.

Summary of WWW Resource Pages at SLAC

"SLAC Introduction to WWW" including the SLAC Core Page information model.
"SLAC WWW Page Authoring" including a summary of current guidelines, conventions, and standards, as well as links to summaries of SLAC authoring tools, tools elsewhere, and usage statistics.
"Introductory WWW Bibliography" including initial pointers to documents elsewhere on major WWW subject areas, e.g., standards. Annotated. Makes no attempt to be comprehensive.
"WorldWideWeb Browsers at SLAC" on various client packages recommended here for accessing WWW server information.
"SLAC WWW Support" including the ways SLAC supports WWW and where to find help.

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