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22 Dec 1995

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SLAC Informational Pages

SLAC has created several central pages to inform you about aspects of SLAC's Web and changes to it. In addition to the basic material for guests and working members of the SLAC community provided by the SLAC Welcome Page and the Highlighted and Detailed Home Pages, SLAC periodically announces major new pages or sets of them in What's New. Significant updates are announced there, too.

See System Status for the current versions of browsers and servers endorsed at SLAC; System Changes for major, system-related modifications; and WWW Server Statistics for SLAC usage data. You may review reported problems in PROBTRAK*. You may also find the Old SLAC Home Page and the Test SLAC Home Page helpful.

To learn about SLAC's Web, see the WWW Introduction. Pointers to authoring, testing, and other materials for service providers at SLAC are summarized in the WWW Resources page.

SLAC Support Groups and People

The SLAC Web is supported in various ways by several groups and many individuals at SLAC. Key groups and their current pages are:
The WWW Coordinating Committee, which is responsible for developing and recommending policies and standards for the SLAC Web.
The WWW Institutional Page Committee where the SLAC Welcome Page and its associated pages are designed.
The WWW Style Committee where various stylistic issues regarding SLAC pages are discussed. See also its Report
The WWW Technical Committee where various technical, procedural, and policy issues are addressed. For discussion summaries and action items, see WWW-Tech Meeting Notes.

People throughout the Lab contribute pages to SLAC's Web. As "owners," they are responsible not only for the pages' initial contents and "look and feel," but also for long term maintenance.

The SLAC WWW User's Group (SWUG) is a forum to foster communication about the Web at SLAC among users and maintainers through presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. People on the various support committees participate and gather input from SWUG. Everyone is welcome.

Local Listserv and Netnews groups have also been created for discussion of issues, too. In addition, you may address questions, comments, complaints, etc, directly to the appropriate committee.

Support in the World

The WWW Project was initiated at CERN. People around the globe contribute. In 1995 CERN turned over basic WWW development in Europe to the WebCore Project headed by INRIA. At the time of writing (December 1995), INRIA and the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science jointly run the international World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in collaboration with CERN.

Many standards activities are also underway.

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