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Books: SLAC Library Book Catalog

This form may be used to search the SLAC Library Book Catalog. To search, click on a "Perform Search" button below. Fill in the entries you know, leave the others blank.
Type the author's last name. If initials are added, separate them by a comma, e.g. drell, s. A truncated last name can also be used, e.g. leder# for Lederman.
Enter as many words in the title as are known, in any order. Truncation is allowed, e.g. entering microprocessor# will yield titles with the words microprocessor or microprocessors.
Optionally, select the year the book was published:


Use this line to type your own old-fashioned SPIRES expression, e.g. find author hawking and title time or browse a drell.


See also a clickable list of topics ( A through K and L through Z), or check the list of books received by the SLAC Library in the last four weeks, or visit the SPIRES home page, or find other related sites.

If you have questions about this database, contact the caretaker, liryg@slac.stanford.edu.

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