Offline Processing

This page provides information on the status of offline data processing and on the performance of offline shifts.

Discussion Area

SLDPM Conference
contains discussion of day-to-day Offline Processing issues.

Relevant Pages from the Status System

gives details on the last run processed.
Offline Zs
includes plot of the number of SLD Reconstructed Zs plus names of offline shiftees.
gives list offline jobs currrently queued or running.

Unanalyzed Runs

Unanalyzed Runs
shows information on runs never seen by the offline, runs currently being analyzed and runs with analysis in suspended state. The SLC estimate for the Z count is given.

Help on Offline Shifts

How to Perform Offline Shifts
gives detailed help on how to perform offline shifts.

Standard Queries for Offline Shifts

Offline Shift Schedule
gives the daily schedule of offline shifts for the current run.
The following queries collect the information needed to perform an offline shift. The functions performed by these buttons, and more, can also be performed from the Interface to Standard Plots and Tables.
Links to ACQCOPY, Filter and Recon Output
creates a table of links from which you can browse statistics, histogram and event display files from the previous day's ACQCOPY, Filter and Recon jobs.
Links to ZCHKDAY Output
creates a table of links from which you can browse statistics and histogram files from the previous day's ZCHKDAY job.

Offline Shift Report

Generate an Offline Shift Report
prompts you for some basic information then generates the report form.

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