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Institutes List of collaborating institutes
Collaborators List of collaborators plus the mug-shot gallery
Recent SLD news items
Confer SLD discussion conferences
SLD Bulletin Board Meeting schedules including regular weekly meetings and the Journal Club
Committee Reports Reports from task forces and committees
Jobs Job Opportunities outside of SLD

Note to Netscape 2.0 users

Due to a bug in the AIX version on Netscape 2.0 you will get a "Network Error" message when clicking on certain SLD links. This bug only exists in the AIX version of Netscape, so users at SLAC can work around it by logging on to a Sun such as unixhub instead of an AIX machine. Netscape has acknowledged this bug, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

And Finally...

Working on SLD getting you down? It could be worse, you could be working for the same company as Dilbert.

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