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6 Jun 1996

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This page lists, non-exhaustively, major changes to SLAC's production Web. For a more comprehensive list of recent changes, see Pages Changed Yesterday; for old changes, What's New for 1993/4. For some general information on what's new at SLAC, see Hot Topics.

Some Highlights January-May, 1996*

In addition to the non-exhaustive list of major changes to the production system summarized below, we are experimenting with a new page to help cross-Lab communication. This page lists Web projects people are starting to develop. See:

SLAC Web in Development

The 1993/4 material that used to be at the bottom of this page has been split off into its own page.

New Pages in Production

"BABAR Physics" (.../Physics.html)
by Paul Harrison
"CAPTAR Home Page" (.../captar.html)
by Andrea Chan and Pat Bradley
"Computer Education" (.../edu.html)
by Mary Crume, Cathie Dager, and Arla LeCount
"Director's Office, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center" (.../do/people)
P.A. Moore and Kathryn Henniss
"Media Information" (.../media-info)
Jennifer Masek
"New Horizons for SLAC Business Information Systems" (.../bis.html)
Sharon Minton for the BIS Steering Committee
"NLC Workshop at SLAC: Physics for the Year 2001" (.../hottopic/9603a.html)
by P.A. Moore and Kathryn Henniss
"NLC ZDR" (.../zdr)
by the NLC Design Group
"PageMill for the Mac" (.../PMill/Contents.html)
by Brooks Collins
"Research Division's Experimental Facilities Department" (.../efd.html)
by Perry Anthony
"SLAC BITNET Migration" (.../bitnetmigr.html)
by Joan Winters
"SLAC Experiment E155 Home Page" (.../e155/home.html)
by Todd Averett, Lee Sorrell, and Charlie Young
"SLAC Summer Institute: 1994 Proceedings" (.../ssi/1994/proceedings.html)
by Jennifer Chan, Lilian DePorcel, and Jochen Schwiening
"SLAC Total Organization" (.../total_org_2-96.gif)
from the Director's Office
"SLUO: SLAC Users Organization" (.../SLUO.html)
by Steve Williams and Ree Dufresne
"SPIRES DRAW" (.../draw.html)
by George Crane
"TechPubs Help Pages" (.../techpubs/help/)
by the Technical Publications Department Staff
"Templates and Examples for EPAC '96 Papers and Abstracts" (.../help/epac/)
by Kathryn Henniss
"Top-cited HEP articles: 1995/96 edition" (.../top40.html)
by H. Galic
"Tutorial on WAN Monitoring at SLAC" (.../wan-mon/tutorial.html)
by Les Cottrell and Connie Logg
"VM Migration" (.../vmmigr.html)
by Chuck Boeheim, Edgar Whipple, and Bebo White

Updated Production Pages

"SLAC Home Page: Detailed" (/detailed.html)
by Joan Winters
Restructure and update the Bulletin Board section, the area at the top with the pushpin(s). Change the "SPIRES Databases" link from going to the "Databases" subsection within the Detailed page out to the main SPIRES page. Add "Particle Astrophys" and "Organization-Wide Databases" subsections. Add a link to the Stanford University Administrative Guide and to organization charts for SLAC and all its divisions. Update other links and text.
"SLAC BABAR Detector Home Page" (...//bfHome.html)
by Tom Glanzman and Tanya Boysen
Update including a Web mirror of BABAR pages at Rutherford Laboratory in the UK.
"SLAC Hot Topics" (.../hottop.html)
by Joan Winters with Topics from Several
Change to an interim design that supports more entries more quickly and contains only titles and dates posted, with cross links to the previous form of Hot Topics and Feature Articles.
"SLAC Research" (.../research.html)
by Joan Winters
Add E155, Group K, and SSRL Accelerator Physics links. Expand acronyms to full names.
"SLAC Theoretical Physics" (.../th.html)
by Sharon Jensen
Update throughout and move from VM to AFS UNIX.
"UNIX at SLAC" (.../unix.html)
by Chuck Boeheim
Completely redesign. Now includes sections on getting started, assistance, high performance computing, desktop systems, and reference information.
"Videoconferencing at SLAC" (.../videoconference/menu.html)
by Andy Gremett
Completely redesign. Now includes room reservation request and review of the day's schedule via the Web.
"Windows NT Systems Group" (.../winnt.html)
by Dennis Wisinski and Ilse Vinson
Update and rename the PC pages to Windows NT.

Some Highlights December, 1995*

A major redesign of the SLAC central pages was installed the evening of December 14, 1995. See System Changes for a conceptual overview. Some pages have been split; some, migrated to AFS and/or renamed.

New Pages in Production

" Welcome to SLAC" (default SLAC page)
by B.C.H. Quark
" SLAC Home Page: Highlighted" (/highlighted.html)
by Pat Kreitz, Joan Winters, Kathryn Henniss, et al.
" SLAC Home Page: Detailed" (/detailed.html)
by Joan Winters, et al.

" Associate Directors' Committee on Computing" (.../adcoc.html)
by Sharon Minton
" Business Services Division" (.../bsdslac.html)
by Sharon Minton
" Getting Started at SLAC" (.../getstart.html)
by Joan Winters
" On the Migration to the New SLAC Page Design" (.../dec1995/migration.html)
by Joan Winters and Kathryn Henniss
" SLAC Computing Platforms" (.../platform.html)
by Joan Winters
" SLAC WWW Support" (.../www/support.html)
by Joan Winters
" The Telecommunications Group" (.../telecom.html)
by Ilse Vinson
"URLs to Use SLAC Web Utilities in HTML Pages" (.../tool/summary.html)
by Les Cottrell

Updated Production Pages

" Search the SLAC Web" (.../searchslac.html)
by Joan Winters and Les Cottrell
The page has been updated to point also to SLAC's exerimental implementation of Harvest that will provide searching of the entire SLAC Web.
" SLAC Introduction to WWW" (.../intro.html)
by Joan Winters
This page has been significantly expanded but now only treats WWW at SLAC including the Core Page model. The "Other SLAC Introductory Information" section has been split off into a new "Getting Started at SLAC" page.
" SLAC WWW Page Authoring" (.../authoring.html)
by Joan Winters
This page contains primarily a subset of the information previously in "SLAC WWW Resources." The "Authoring Tools for SLAC HTML Document Developers" previously at this URL has been moved to .../authoringtool.html.
" SLAC WWW Resources" (.../resource.html)
by Joan Winters
This page has become only a summary of important links to WWW resources.

Deleted Pages

" SLAC Home Page" (/slac.html)
by Joan Winters, et al.
The previous, single SLAC Home Page is now only available as the Old SLAC Home Page. See "Two SLAC Home Pages" for its successors.
" Introduction to SLAC, the Lab" (slacinst.html or /slac/slacinst/institution.html)
by E. Michael Riordan and Joan Winters
Replaced by the SLAC Welcome Page.
" SLAC and Related Phonebooks" (.../phone-book.html)
by Joan Winters and Diana Gregory
Renamed " SLAC and Related Phone Directories."
" Telecommunications Home Page" (.../telecom/home.html)
by Ilse Vinson and Brenda Eberle
Replaced by three functional pages: "Telephone Services," "Emergency Communications," and "Videoconferencing."

The SLAC seal has also been changed. See an overview on the new SLAC institutional identifiers.

Some Highlights July - November, 1995*

New Pages in Production

" Accelerator Physics" in the WWW Virtual Library (beam/.../alab.htmlx)
by David Whittum
" The Accelerator Theory and Special Projects Department" (beam/.../atsp.htmlx)
by David Whittum
" ...Basic HTML Tags..." (.../htmlclass/class.html)
by Jennifer Masek and Laurie Gennari
Business Briefs (.../bizbriefs.html)
by Yo Wackerman and Kathryn Henniss
" Environment, Safety, & Health Training" (.../training.html)
by Ruth McDunn
" Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX" (.../cgi-rexx/)
by Les Cottrell
" How to Put Pages in the Production SLAC Web" (.../group-page-install.html)
by Joan Winters and Les Cottrell
" ISDN Remote Access Pilot at SLAC"+ (.../isdn/...)
by Ken Martell
" Martin Perl Wins Nobel Prize in Physics" (.../mperl95.html)
by Kathryn Henniss
New Options for Wellness (.../now.pdf)
by Sylvia Ong
" SLAC Accelerator Operations" (.../adop.html)
by C.W. "Bill" Allen, Philippe Argouarch, Cheryl Hultquist, and Wayne Linebarger
" SLAC and Related Phone Books" (.../phone-dir.html)
by Joan Winters
" SLAC Baseline Information Architectures" (.../site-arch.ps)
by Bill Johnson
" SLAC Departmental Colloquia" (beam/.../colloquia.htmlx)
by David Whittum
" SLAC Group K" (.../grp/ek/)
by Gayane Shabad
" SLAC LIBRARY GUIDE" (.../library/home.html)
by Georgia Row
" SLAC's CGI Script Security Wrapper" (.../cgi-wrap/doc/)
by Les Cottrell and George Crane
" The SLD SLACVX Cluster" (.../slacvx.html/)
by Tony Johnson
" Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL)" (/www-ssrl/.../welcome.html)
by Katherine Cantwell
Training Opportunities at SLAC (.../trngopps.html)
by Annemaria Breaux
" WAN Monitoring at SLAC" (.../net/wan-mon.html)
by Les Cottrell and Connie Logg
" Writing More Secure CGI Scripts" (.../cgi-security.html)
by Les Cottrell

Updated Production Pages

" SLAC Home Page" (/slac.html)
by Joan Winters
" Authoring Tools for SLAC HTML Document Developers" (.../authoringtool.html)
by Bebo White
" Computing Vendors Online" (.../vendor.html)
by Les Cottrell
" Introduction to Local Area Resources" (.../locres.html)
by Joan Winters
" Introductory WWW Bibliography" (/wwwbibl.html)
by Joan Winters
" Network Reference Information" (.../net/reference.html)
by Les Cottrell
" Quick Guide to SLAC's Networking Reports and Data - Overview" (.../net/quick-guide.html)
by Connie Logg and Les Cottrell
" SLAC Data Networking" (.../net.html)
by Les Cottrell
" SLAC Hot Topics, Now and Then" (.../hottopic.html)
by Joan Winters
" SLAC Page-Design Playpen" (.../playpen.html)
by Joan Winters and Kathryn Henniss
" SLAC WWW Resources" (.../resource.html)
by Joan Winters

Some Highlights during May and June, 1995, by Joan Winters

New Pages in Production

" Information on Take Our Daughters to Work Day at SLAC" (.../TODTW.html)
by Kathryn Henniss and Evelyn Eldridge-Diaz
" Life at SLAC: A User's Handbook" (.../lifeslac.html)
by the SLAC Technical Publications Department
" Next Linear Collider" (.../nlc.html)
by Tony Johnson
" PEP-II Asymmetric B Factory" (.../pepii/home.html)
by Andrea Chan and Kathryn Henniss
" Revised WWW URL and File Naming Scheme" (.../url.html)
by Joan Winters
" Services of the SCS Computer Support Center" (.../scsc/service.frame.html)
by Ilse Vinson and the SCSC Staff
" SLAC Administrative Services Handbook" (.../handbook.html)
by the SLAC Business Services Division and Kathryn Henniss
" SLAC Environment, Safety, and Health Manual" (.../eshmanual.html)
by the ES&H Division and Kathryn Henniss
" WWW Style Committee Report" (.../wwwstyle/report.html)
by the WWW Style Committee, PA Moore, Chair
" XXIII SLAC Summer Institute on Particle Physics" (.../1995/ssi.html)
by Lilian DePorcel and Laurie Gennari

Updated Production Pages

" SLAC Home Page" (/slac.html)
by Joan Winters
Add a "Community Information" subsection and rename the "News" one to "News and Periodicals." Add direct links to several of the new pages and update others, especially regarding the migration of WWW services from CERN to the collaboration between INRIA and MIT. Add and delete two SLAC hot topics. Delete the link to PPAR '95 info and several to the page asking for more page contributions. This should not discourage anyone from contributing, but it simplifies the SLAC Home Page a bit.
" Introduction to Computing at SLAC" (/slacwide.html)
by Joan Winters and Ilse Vinson
Add a link to the SCSC Services document and to a globally accessible copy of the SLAC Computer Account Form. Delete the item on how to order SCSI disk drives.
" SLAC Hot Topics, Now and Then" (/hottopic.html)
by Joan Winters
Add the "Reshaping Graduate Education" (the COSEPUP Report) and "National Electronic Open Meeting" items.
" SLAC WWW Resources" (/resource.html)
by Joan Winters
Reorganize the "Page Authoring Aids" section into "Guidelines, Conventions, and Standards," "Tools," and "Change Management" subsections. Add items for the new Revised URL and WWW Style documents and to the server statistics page.

Changes during April, 1995, by Joan Winters

Here're some non-exhaustive highlights.

New Pages

" Beam Line" (.../beamline.html)
by Rene Donaldson
" ELDREQ database Searcher" (.../eldreq.html)
by George Crane
" PEP-II/BABAR Database Information" (.../pepii/db.html)
by George Crane
"Take Our Daughters to Work Day" (/archive/.../TODTW.html)
by Evelyn Eldridge-Diaz
"The Interaction Point" (.../tip.html)
by Evelyn Eldridge-Diaz
"WWW Style Committee Report: Draft" (.../draftreport.html)
by the WWW Style Committee, PA Moore, Chair

Updated Pages

"SLAC Home Page" (/slac.html)
by Joan Winters
Add menu bars and "top of page" link. Note that the SLAC Institutional Link near the top of many pages has moved into the righthand link in the top menu bar. Update the Hot Topic and Disclaimer links. Add the start of a "SLAC Divisions" section and reorganize the "Useful Information Elsewhere" section. Add direct links to several of the new pages and update others.
"SLAC Disclaimers, Copyright, and Other Fine Print" (/slac/disclaimer.html)
by Rachel Howard, et al.
Update the title and "Notice" text and change owner to Rachel Howard.
"SLAC WWW Resources" (.../resource.html)
by Joan Winters
Add the WWW Privacy Proposal item. Update the WWW-Style item with the Draft Report and also, the WWW-Tech item.

Changes during March, 1995, Plus by Joan Winters

We're trying another "What's New" strategy for SLAC's Web. Here're some highlights of changes to SLAC's Web pages in the past month or so. The list is non-exhaustive.

New Pages

"Partial List of HEP-Related Institutions with WWW Servers" (instlink.html)
by Hrvoje Galic
"SLAC Employment Opportunities" (.../emp-opp.html)
by Diana Gregory
"SLAC Environment, Safety, & Health Division" (.../esh.html)
by Judith Nowag
"SLAC Experiment E144 Home Page" (.../e144.html)
by Eric Prebys
"SLAC Phone Directory: Search Form" (.../phone-dir/search.html)
by Evelyn Aviles-Hernandez and Diana Gregory
"SWUG: SLAC WWW User's Group" (.../SWUG.html)
by Laurie Gennari
"Technical Publications" (.../techpubs/home.html)
by Kathryn Henniss
"WWW-Tech Meeting Notes" (.../wwwtech/doc/notes/)
by Les Cottrell and Patrick Clancey

Updated Pages

"SLAC Home Page" (/slac.html)
by Joan Winters
Update the "Phone Books" and "Network Organizations" subsections and the paragraph on outside WWW support. Add the link to The Virtual Review and most of the new pages listed above. Add the link to the list of 1994-95 Personnel Performance Evaluation Forms (PPARs). Alphabetize more subsections.
"Computing Vendors Online" (.../vendor.html)
by Joan Winters and Les Cottrell
Add Adobe, Alantec, and Cabletron links. Update various links including IBM, Prentice Hall, SOFTBANK, and the Commercial Sites Index.
"SLAC WWW Resources (.../resource.html)
by Joan Winters
Add SWUG item and update "Page Authoring Aids" section.
"SLAC WWW Server Statistics" (.../stats/overview.html)
by Tony Johnson and Patrick Clancey
Summarize current logs using enhanced tools.

Earlier Changes from What's New with SLAC's WWW Pages

What's New with SLAC's WWW Pages for 1993/4

See also Major System Changes to SLAC WWW.

* See also the model described in the SLAC Core Pages

+ Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.

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