Information Grab Bag

SLAC 7 Jun 1996

This page is frozen and has not received any significant updating since January, 1995. Links are not being maintained. The question of a grabbag of interesting Web sites to SLAC is on the list to be addressed as time allows. Please contact Joan Winters if you would miss any of these links.

Here's a random selection of information various folks at SLAC have found interesting. Links may migrate from this page to others as more appropriate locations are found, the links become obsolete, or they are superceded by more interesting ones.

Berkeley Subway
Connects to a number of exhibits around the world relating to biology. Also has Expo, an electronic exposition that includes the Vatican Exhibit, and the Honolulu Community College campus-wide, hypermedia information service, along with other major information sources.
Census Bureau
The US Census Bureau and its programs, with access to some data and software. Plus links to other sources of census data.
CIA Factbook
The CIA World Factbook 1993. Encyclopaedic compendium on the world's countries.
US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Information Page, on UNABOM letter bombing series.
Index of federal tax forms and publications with sources of further assistance from the US Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service and Maxwell Labs. See also their Taxing Times.
Map Viewer
Maps of the earth and US-only that can be viewed with different scales, projections, features, etc. An "experiment in providing dynamic information retrieval" from Xerox PARC.
NSF Activities
Documents from the NSF's Science and Technology Information System (STIS). Includes submission information for proposals.
Periodic Table
Elemental info from the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and Lange's Handbook of Chemistry.
A WWW interface to the rsynth text-to-speech translator. N.B.: So far only supports output to xmosaic on Sun SPARCstations.
SSC Surroundings
Contour and road map of the Superconducting Super Collider and its surroundings.
The University of North Carolina's home page, its SunSITE repository of diverse public domain documents and software (e.g., on 3D viewing), and its laUNChpad Internet Service Mediator.
US documents*
Documents on which the United States is based, e.g., the Constitution. See also the California State Legislature's FTP server.*
Weather Maps
Satellite photos, frontal maps...etc. See also the Michigan State and Stanford repositories. Have you ever seen a global weather movie (>800KB)? Or find out the conditions and forecasts at places in the US to which you're traveling.
Webster's Dictionary
Including phonetic match, stem, and thesaurus. Or check Roget's Thesaurus. Then again, get help with your German through Langenscheidt's Dictionary.


A composite image from satellite photos of our home (with background info).
NASA Events
Daily press releases from NASA. See also the Hot Topics (including DoD Clementine and NASA Hubble photos) and NASA Ames FTP archives.
NASA's "WebStars: Astrophysics in Cyberspace," a collection of pages that point to diverse resources. See, among others, the StarTrax-NGB browser provided by HEASARC to explore its archive of high energy astrophysics data from various space missions.

Computer Science and Human Factors

Georgia Tech's Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center. Includes information on stereoscopic display.
Stanford University's Project on People, Computers, and Design, directed by Terry Winograd. With links to related Stanford work. See also CDR, the Center for Design Research.
MIT's Telemedia, Networks, and Systems group, headed by David Tennenhouse. Includes demos of live video. N.B.: So far only supports output to NCSA Mosaic for X.

Libraries and Museums

The Bodleian Library's Gopher.
The Library of Congress's Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library (MARVEL). See also its FTP site for larger and/or binary files.
Smithsonian Natural History
Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Gopher. See also some Smithsonian Pictures, from air and space through zoology. (Or check out the SLAC repository.*)

Other Information Sources

You may also find the following SLAC pages interesting: Introduction to Local Area Resources, Vendors Online.

And the following information from elsewhere: EIT's Internet Resources, Stanford's Other WWW Links, NASA's WebStars What's New & Announcements, NCSA's What's New, and SunSITE's Internet Dog-Eared Pages.

Or look for topics using W3 Search Engines like JumpStation.

* Only the MidasWWW browser suppports access to non-UNIX FTP servers like this.

This page was originally inspired by ones written by Tony Johnson and Bebo White. Links from them still find their way into this page, as do links from Les Cottrell, Greg Mushial, Pat Clancey, and Dr. Chaos, among others.