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SLAC Welcome Page.

SLAC welcomes visitors and tour groups with all kinds of backgrounds. SLAC is located adjacent to Menlo Park, west of the Stanford campus at 2575 Sand Hill Road, east of highway 280. Maps are provided on request. Wheelchair accessible. Feel free to bring cameras on tour. Tours of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) are conducted several times a week for the public, generally at 10:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. Tours take about two hours and are offered free of charge as a public service with an advance reservation. To make a tour reservation or schedule a group visit, contact the Public Affairs Office by calling 415/926-2204.

Tours can often be planned given a week's notice. The SLAC tour schedule is heavy, and unless your schedule is flexible, you should try to request a tour date as far in advance as possible. Saturday tours in particular are often booked two to three weeks in advance.

Please check with the attendant at the front gate on your arrival for information on where to park and ask where your tour begins. Your Tour Guide will greet you at the meeting room where your group will be given a presentation on SLAC, followed by a bus tour of the site.

* For a Public Tour
* For a Group Tour
* Special Requirements for Young People's Tours
* Evening Tours and the Speaker's Bureau
* Dining Facilities

Mailing Address:

Public Affairs Office, Mail Stop 70
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
P. O. Box 4349, Stanford, CA 94309
Telephone 415/926-2204

For a Public Tour

If your party consists of a few people, the Public Affairs Office staff will add you to one of the SLAC tours. At times, individuals can be added to the group tours described below by arrangement with the group contact. Reservations are required, and tours are not available on a drop-in basis. Contact the Public Affairs staff by calling 415/926-2204.

For a Group Tour

If you have a group of ten or more interested in a tour of SLAC, contact the Public Affairs Office to discuss mutually agreeable times. The only limitations on tours are that the entire tour must be completed during daylight hours, and that no other group has previously reserved the facility at the date and time you desire. Special arrangements can be made for very large groups, but these require considerable advance planning.

To make a reservation for a group tour, we need to know the name, address and telephone number of the group contact arranging the tour. We also need the name and makeup of the group, the number of people and the type of transportation you will use to come to SLAC.

A bus is needed for the site tour of the facility. If you are arriving by bus, we will plan to use your bus(ses) for the site tour unless you have made other arrangements with the Tour Coordinator. We need to provide a tour guide for each bus that comes; therefore, we need to know how many busses you will be bringing. If you are coming to SLAC in private vehicles, we must know the exact number of people in your group so we can provide suitable transportation. If you are arriving by car, please carpool as parking at the facility is limited.

We will need a list of the names and addresses of those in your tour group. We can circulate attendance cards on your arrival; however, valuable tour time can be saved if you bring a group roster with you. If you DO bring a list, please give it to the Tour Guide as soon as you arrive.

Special Requirements for Young People's Tours

There is no age limitation for children accompanied by their parents; however, experience has shown that those under 11 years old do not enjoy or profit from the tour. If you have a group of younger children and strongly desire a group tour, please contact the Public Affairs Office.

Tours can be arranged for children, but we must limit the total number per tour and request the attendance of adults for supervision. The table below is a guide:

Age        Maximum Number          Minimum Number of Adults
11-13      30 (one bus load)       One for each 15 children
13-17      70 (two bus loads)      One for each 20 children

Evening Tours and the Speaker's Bureau

If your group can only come in the evening, it is best to come as early as possible and during daylight savings months. If you must come after dark, you will be given an expanded presentation in the Auditorium, but no tour of the facilities.

If your group is unable to visit SLAC, it may be possible for a speaker to come to you. This would include an expanded introduction and presentation of the facilities. Arrangements must be made in advance and are limited by the availability of an appropriate speaker for your group.

Dining Facilities

Visitors may purchase lunch at the SLAC Cafeteria adjacent to the Auditorium provided that arrangements are made in advance with the Cafeteria Manager. The SLAC Cafeteria is normally closed on evenings and weekends, but special catering arrangements can be made in conjunction with tours. For cafeteria reservations or further information on the menu and prices please call 415/926-2615.


2 July 1996

Nina Stolar.