Telephone Services

SLAC 19 Aug 1996

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19 Aug 96   SLAC Telephone Users' Guide, revised 14 Aug 1996
19 Aug 96   Feedback on SLAC phone service requested by September 9, 1996

The Telecommunications Group provides support for telephones, voice mail, cellular phones, pocket pagers, and videoconferencing.


Emergency information including how to call 911, SLAC emergency numbers, and the SLAC Emergency Guide.


We encourage SLAC personnel to be familiar with policies about tampering with telephone cables/equipment, service turnaround times, personal calls, international calling, monitoring for phone abuse.*

Telephone Services

Information for ATOMs

Telecommunications has developed software for ATOMs to submit telephone related requests. Find out how new ATOMs can get started, place phone orders, and help speed order processing.*

For More Information

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* From the SLAC Telephone Users' Guide.

** PostScript versions of individual chapters and the entire SLAC Telephone Users' Guide are in /usr/local/doc/how-to-use/phone-users-guide on UNIX; on VM see file phonegui readme * for printing directions.

Ilse Vinson; Brenda Eberle