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22 Dec 1995

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SLAC-Wide Search Tool

This engine searches a subset of the SLAC Web. The hope is that what is in the database is what people are looking for. See what we index for a detailed description of what is in the database. The gatherer updates it's index nightly. A list of new or updated pages is available, as well as a summary of pages changed in the last week.

We also support a more detailed search form that provides sophisticated search options using Glimpse, and a full index that does not pass through the Essence summarizer.

Simple search tips are available. Feedback to Mike Wendling is encouraged.

Search for:

The tool uses Harvest from the University of Colorado.

BaBar Search Tool

You can use the Verity engine to search BaBar's Web space for information. Feedback to Tom Glanzman is welcomed. Technical questions/feedback should be sent to Dave Martin at HEPNRC.

Search for:

There is also a more detailed BaBar Search Form that provides more search options and search tips.

SLD Search Tool

Alternatively, you may use the form below to search SLD Web space for documents that contain references to particular words, e.g., safety and/or slc. If you give multiple words, you restrict the search results to documents that contain all of the specified words. Feedback to Tony Johnson is welcomed.
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Search Tools Elsewhere

If you do not want to restrict your search to SLAC pages, you might be interested in one of the many search pages available for global Web, or in one of the many topical indexes.

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