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26 Dec 1996

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This page is primarily for SLAC researchers, collaborators, and staff. A longer version is available by selecting the "Detailed Home" button in the menu bar above. For help, see the "SLAC Introduction to WWW." For a more general introduction to the Lab, select the "SLAC Welcome" button.

SLAC Announcements
* SLAC Research
High-energy, particle, and synchrotron radiation physics; accelerator physics; accelerator operations; and theoretical physics; e.g., BABAR, SLD, SSRL, PEP-II, and Theoretical Physics.

* Information from SLAC (including SPIRES Databases)
Information for users worldwide, such as jobs, directories, databases, calendars, publications, and software, e.g., SPIRES-HEP, Today's E-Prints, and FreeHEP.

* SLAC Computing and Communications
Computing resources, services, and plans; networking; and telecommunications; e.g., Platforms, Computer Networking, and Emergency Communications.

* SLAC Institutional Information
Site information; internal publications and communications; administrative tools; and library; e.g., Seminars, ELDREQ*, and Books.

* SLAC Divisions, Groups, & Programs
Main organizational units, offices, and outreach efforts, e.g., Environment, Safety, & Health; Technical Publications; and Education.

* Useful Information Elsewhere
HEP experiments and institutions; professional societies; DOE and other federal, state, local, and networked resources; e.g., Experiments Online, APS What's New, and DOE.

* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.

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