Telephone Services

SLAC 9 Dec 1997

Support for telephones, voice mail, and cellular phones are provided by the Telecommunications staff in the SCS Network Engineering and Services group. Support for pocket pagers is now provided by the SCS Help Desk (650-926-4357)and support for videoconferencing by the SCS Applications group.


Emergency information including how to call 911, SLAC emergency numbers, and the SLAC Emergency Guide.


We encourage SLAC personnel to be familiar with policies, as described in the SLAC Telephone Users' Guide**, about tampering with telephone cables/equipment, service turnaround times, personal calls, international calling, monitoring for phone abuse.

Telephone Services

See the SLAC Telephone Users' Guide** for information about:

Place telephone and voice mail orders through your ATOM (an acronym for Area Telecommunications Office Motivators), who is your Telecommunications representative through whom you can arrange for changes to your phone and voice mail services to be made. The names of the current ATOMs and the groups and/or buildings that they represent is listed in the SLAC Telephone Users' Guide**. ATOMS are appointed by their supervisor or group leader.

This contact list tells you whom to contact for specific telecommunications services.

Information for ATOMs

ATOMs must submit telephone related requests using special software. The SLAC Telephone Users' Guide** describes how new ATOMs can get started, place phone orders, and help speed order processing.

* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.
** The Guide is in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view and print it, your Web browser will need access to Adobe's Acrobat Reader. If you need help configuring your browser or with printing, contact your desktop computing support person or the SCS Help Desk.

Ilse Vinson; Brenda Eberle