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19 Dec 1997

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This page is primarily for SLAC researchers, collaborators, and staff. A shorter version, the top of a more hierarchical structure, is available by selecting the "Highlighted Home" button in the menu bar above. For help, see the "SLAC Introduction to WWW." For a more general introduction to the Lab, select the "SLAC Welcome" button.

SLAC Announcements
19 Dec 97 Record Performance of the SLC for SLD since October
17 Dec 97 Joe Ballam Remembered
11 Dec 97 QuickNews for December 12, 1997
24 Nov 97 Micom Switch Shutdown Reminder (Upd. Target Date 1/12/98)


* SLAC Research

Particle Physics Experiments:
BABAR, BES, E143, E144, E154, E155, mQ, SLD.
Particle Astrophysics Experiments:
Group K.
Synchrotron Radiation Experiments:
Accelerator Research & Development:
NLC, NLCTA, PEP-II, PPRC, SSRL, More Accelerator Research.
Accelerator Operations:
HEP Shift Reports*, HEP Whiteboard, SPEAR Status.
Theoretical Physics:

* Information from SLAC (including SPIRES Databases)

Public Information:
Welcome, Media Info, Awards, Employment Opportunities, Maps, Tours.
SLAC Phonebook, HEP Phonebook, HEP Institutions, SLAC X.500 White Pages, More Directories.
SPIRES-HEP, Current PPF List, More Databases.
Recent E-Prints:
Today, Yesterday, Last Seven Days, Week before That, Let Me Search.
This Month, Next Month, Next Summer, Next Year, Let Me Search.
Newsletters and Periodicals:
Beam Line, ICFA Instrumentation Bulletin.

* SLAC Computing and Communications

Desktop Computing (including Mac and Windows NT), UNIX, VMS, VM Migration, More Platforms.
Intro, Browsers, System Changes, More Support.
ADCC, BIS, Computer Education, Futures, Notebook Pool, Physics Tools, SCS Services, Security, SLACwide, Vendors.
Computer Networking, Emergency, Telephone Services, Videoconferencing.

* SLAC Institutional Information

Site Information:
Getting Started.
Today, Tomorrow, All Future, Let Me Search, More Seminars.
Administrative Tools:
Admin Handbook, ELDREQ*, Property Transfer*, PURCH*, Stores Catalog; Stanford Admin Guide.
Organization-Wide Databases:
Buildings*, CAPTAR, DRAW.
Books, Library News, SLACspeak Glossary, Info & Services.
Newsletters and Periodicals:
Announcements, Bulletin Board, Business Briefs, The Interaction Point*, New Options for Wellness, Training Opportunities*.
slac.announce.important, More USENET News.

* SLAC Divisions, Groups, & Programs+

Director's Office & Divisions:
Director's Office; Business Services; Environment, Safety, & Health; PEP-II Asymmetric B Factory; Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory.
Groups, Departments, Etc.:
Accelerator, Accelerator Research A, Accelerator Research B, Controls, Experimental Facilities, Klystron, Library, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Fabrication, Plant Engineering, Power Conversion, Public Affairs, SCS, Technical Publications, Telecommunications, Theoretical Physics.
Education, Summer Institute, SLUO.
Organization Charts:
SLAC; Business Services and ES&H Divisions, Research, SSRL and PEP-II Divisions, Technical Division; NLCTA, SCS, Technical Publications.

* Useful Information Elsewhere

HEP Experiments:
ALEPH, DELPHI, L3, OPAL; CLEO II; H1, ZEUS; CDF, D0; More Experiments Online.
HEP Institutions:
Brown (including The Virtual Review), CERN, Cornell, DESY, Fermilab, IHEP/China, LANL (including E-Prints), LBL (including PDG), LLNL, More HEP Institutions.
Professional Societies and Associations:
AAS, AIP, APS (including PACS and What's New), NAS and More.
Federal Resources:
DOE, Cabinet, FedWorld, NASA, NERSC, NSF, USGS, More Federal Agencies.
Local Area Resources:
Stanford University and its Libraries and Medical Center, More Local Area Resources.
Network Resources:
BBN, Computer-Mediated Communication, CREN, ESnet (including X.500 White Pages), HEPIC, JANET, References.
Other Information Sources:
Colleges and Universities, GopherSpace, Grab Bag, Hacker's Jargon, LISTSERV Lists, USENET FAQs, the WWW Virtual Library (including Accelerator Physics).

* Access to this link is restricted to SLAC users.

+ Due to the dynamic nature of the Web, links may move around on pages, migrate to others, or be removed entirely. For example, when the "SLAC Divisions, Groups, & Programs" section gets large, we intend to move parts of it, e.g., "Groups, Departments, Etc.," off to another page.

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