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Friday, March 27, 1998
P.A. Moore, Director's Office

Veteran SLAC-ers Acknowledged

On April 2, SLAC will honor 29 twenty-year and 21 thirty-year employees. QuickNews salutes the folks who form the institutional history of the lab and congratulate them on their 1,210 collective years of achievement.

Never A Dull Moment

It seems that SLAC's main phone number was listed in error last week as the contact number for the public to make donations to fight child abuse. The Main Gate had an unusually busy time until a correction was made.

Wet Weather Warning

Take extra precautions riding your bike in the rain, or you may be like the SLAC worker who entered the record books this week with our fifth bicycle-related injury in 8 months. Wearing a helmet will also help prevent head injuries.

Sound Like Your Kids?

Recent college grads are deeper in debt, lack basic skills and have gone back home to live with their parents. But these graduates also save more, are involved in community service, and face a good job market with high salaries, according to a new study by the Institute for Higher Education Policy. Get the full report from Education Resource Institute at 1-800-255-8374 ext. 4762.

From the Archives

About 15 billion years ago on this date, plus or minus, the Universe began. Or maybe it was 9 billion years ago, say other estimates. Called the Singlularity, it is the infinitely dense point from which we came. Present theory can come no closer to Singularity than 10-43 seconds. It will be another 10,000 years before the universe cools enough for matter itself to stick together.*

* c. The 2ist-Century Countdown Calendar for 1998,
Countdown Enterprises, La Jolla

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